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Procurement Services
1201 Main St., Suite 600
Columbia, SC 29201

Agency Users

Audits – Agency Certifications

Guidelines to Request an Increase in Procurement Certification

To request an increase in Agency Certification for any Procurement category, please provide the following information to the Materials Management Officer:

1) List of personnel and professional certifications with years of experience for your office and the Facilities Office.

2) Program area and procurement staff expertise such as printing, facilities, supplies, IT, etc. 

3) Past activity for audit period you forwarded to MMO, ITMO, and OSE, with contract values.

4) Anticipated activity you would directly attribute to higher certification. Estimate how many more transactions you think you would be processing based on your certification increase.

5) Identify any anticipated special projects where increased certification would be helpful.


South Carolina
State Fiscal Accountability Authority
Procurement Services
1201 Main Street, Suite 600 | Columbia, SC 29201