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Two new inspector certifications will be added to the State Inspections Contracts that go into effect in December 2019: Commercial Fire Alarm Inspector and Commercial Fire Sprinkler Inspector.  Information for obtaining these certifications can be found at:



Notification of New Construction Services Task Order Contract Procedures for Public Comment

2019 Act No. 41 (changes to the SC Procurement Code) has deleted Indefinite Delivery Contracts for Professional Services and Construction Services. In its place, it has established Indefinite Quantity Contracts for Professional Services and Task Order Contracts for Construction Services.

The procedures, limits and forms for Indefinite Quantity Contracts are the same as the Professional Services Indefinite Delivery Contracts – only the name has been changed. These forms are posted on the OSE website under the 2019 Manual and are available for use.

The procedures, limits and forms for Task Order Contracts are quite different from the Construction Services IDCs. These are all now posted in Chapter 9 and Appendix D.3 and D.4 in draft format in the following location: https://procurement.sc.gov/manual . They will be available for public comment until Friday, June 28th. On Monday, July 1st, Chapter 9 and these forms will be posted in final form in the OSE Manual for use by State Agencies.

Submit all comments to Margaret Jordan at mjordan@mmo.sc.gov or Phil Gerald at pgerald@mmo.sc.gov.

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