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Procurement Services
1201 Main St., Suite 600
Columbia, SC 29201

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SCBO! (South Carolina Business Opportunities) – Using SCBO

  • SCBO is posted daily by C.O.B.
  • SCBO is not emailed to you.
  • SCBO is not a running list, but rather a newsletter that advertises solicitations new since the last issue.
  • To keep current with solicitations, you need to check on a regular basis, ideally checking daily.
  • A copy of Acrobat Reader, which will open the SCBO PDF file, is available for free download here.
  • Doing a word search can be an aid in looking for solicitations of interest. For further information on searching PDF files, visit the Adobe web site here.       
South Carolina
State Fiscal Accountability Authority
Procurement Services
1201 Main Street, Suite 600 | Columbia, SC 29201