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Procurement Services
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Training Program

Under the SC Consolidated Procurement Code and Regulations, the Chief Procurement Officers of the state are required to develop a system of training for procurement that encompasses the latest techniques and methods of public procurement. If considered appropriate by the Chief Procurement Officers, the training must include a requirement for the certification of the procurement officer of each purchasing agency. Specifically, the Division of Procurement Services, Materials Management Office is responsible for developing a system of training and certification for procurement officers of governmental bodies for the State of South Carolina.

MMO is dedicated to assuring procurement officers of the state have the opportunity to attend training that will allow them to further their knowledge and understating of purchasing techniques and methods allowed via the SC Consolidated Procurement Code. The value of having trained and skilled procurement officials working in the state is the assurance that agencies can receive the best value for expenditure of funds. To document this training MMO has developed a training certificate program.

Participation - Personnel from all public entities are eligible and encouraged to participate in the certificate programs. All procurement officers within the Division of Procurement Services are required to participate. All other governmental procurement officers are encouraged to participate voluntarily. Participation in the certificate programs by state agency personnel will ensure the knowledge necessary to follow the requirements of the SC Consolidated Procurement Code has been delivered through training.

The Materials Management Officer is responsible for recommending differential dollar limits for direct procurements on the basis of, but not limited to procurement expertise, commodity, service, and dollar amount. State agencies seeking increased agency certification limits must show they have a thoroughly trained and certified procurement staff capable of carrying out the responsibilities associated with increased agency certification.

These training sessions will help prepare an agency who is contemplating requesting increased agency procurement certification.  Call 803-737-4394.

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Procurement Services
1201 Main Street, Suite 600 | Columbia, SC 29201