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Contract Search – Daily Fuel Prices

Dorian Update 8/28/19:

Some fuel suppliers may experience some interruption of services, or require longer lead times before delivery, as Dorian makes its way into the United States. It is STRONGLY recommended that each agency immediately assess their fuel needs, and act appropriately to ensure they have sufficient supplies for their operations in case there is an interruption in services due to the storm.

LP Gas Averages

Daily Unleaded/E10 Prices

Attached are the daily prices for MMO Bulk Fuel Contracts for Unleaded. 

Daily ULSD/BIO Prices

State Contract for bulk Ultra Low Sulfur Diesel/Bio Diesel

Daily ULSD Off Road Prices

Look here for a list of prices beginning April 2, 2013 for Off-Road Red Dye Diesel.

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Procurement Services
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