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Political Subdivisions

Using Statewide Contracts

What is a statewide "term" contract?

A statewide "term" contract is a contract for the indefinite delivery of an indefinite quantity of specific supplies or services to be furnished as needed and upon request during a fixed period.

  • These contracts can be established only by one of the state's chief procurement officers.
  • Use of "term" contracts is mandatory for all "governmental bodies," as that term is defined in the Procurement Code.

For additional tips, see the attached FAQ.

Who can use our statewide contracts?

Generally, any of the following entities can purchase through statewide contracts awarded by Procurement Services. Any special limitations will be addressed in the applicable contract.

  • State government, including any department, commission, council, board, bureau, committee, institution, college, university, technical school, agency, government corporation, or other establishment of state government.
  • Political Subdivisions, including all counties, municipalities, school districts, public service or special purpose districts, and any units thereof which expend public funds for a procurement.

How can I get approval?

The General Assembly defines which entities are eligible to participate, not Procurement Services. However, we may be able to assist you in determining whether your entity meets the applicable statutory definitions. Determining whether your entity is a county, municipality, or school district is usually straight forward. Determining whether your entity is a public service or special purpose district can be more complicated. If you do not know, you can submit a letter of request. The following attachments provide additional guidance and instructions.

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Procurement Services
1201 Main Street, Suite 600 | Columbia, SC 29201