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Contracting Opportunities – Help for These Links

This help page provides an index to the information available through the links on the Contracting Opportunities page. Additional background information is available on our New Vendor Information page.

All State Procurements - South Carolina Business Opportunities

South Carolina Business Opportunities (SCBO), referred to as "Skee-bow," is the official State government publication used to provide the business community with notice of all non-exempt, competitive procurements for construction, information technology, supplies, and services. SCBO includes a single notice for every competitive procurement conducted by any State entity (including colleges and universities) subject to the Consolidated Procurement Code if the value exceeds $100,000 for construction or commercially available off the shelf products or exceeds $25,000 for everything else. For more information concerning procurements that do not exceed these thresholds, see New Vendor Information. Click here for the SCBO home page.

SCEIS Procurements - South Carolina Enterprise Information System

SCEIS is the single, statewide enterprise system for finance, materials management (i.e., procurement or purchasing) and human resources/payroll. Except for the State's colleges and universities, all State agencies subject to the Consolidated Procurement Code use SCEIS to publish on the internet all competitive solicitations - excluding those related to construction - if the value exceeds the thresholds set forth above.

Click here to see a listing of all non-exempt, open solicitations issued by the State's central purchasing office (Procurement Services, acting through its Information Technology Management Office and State Procurement Office) for data processing, telecommunications, office systems, software, hardware, related systems, and all manner of supplies and services excluding construction. This listing includes only solicitations issued through the SCEIS system.

Open Response Dates Procurements - "Rolling Awards"

If authorized by the original solicitation, the State may use "competitive fixed price bidding" to create procurements with an open response date. In other words, the solicitation may provide for bids to be accepted continuously or periodically during the contract term. In such procurements, the State - before it issues its solicitation - must establish the maximum amount it will pay for the services, supplies, or information technology desired.

The link below takes you to a listing of all open solicitations conducted by the central purchasing office using the competitive fixed pricing bidding rules.

Other Procurements

SCBO, described above, is used by numerous political subdivisions, such as school districts, cities, counties, and public service districts; however, they are not required to do so. SCEIS, described above, is not used by numerous State agencies - primarily public colleges and universities. Accordingly, SCBO or SCEIS cannot be relied on for finding notice of all available public contracting opportunities in South Carolina. Fortunately, many of these entities post their solicitations and awards to the internet. As a service to the business community, Procurement Services maintains a partial list of these websites. Click here to go to a list of websites Procurement Services maintains. The list includes only South Carolina state and local procurement offices.

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