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Testing - Career Ready Services
ClassificationContract TypeManagerPhone#
Goods & ServicesStateTermEllicia Howard803.737.0687

It is the intent of the Materials Management Office to establish a State Term Contract to provide a turnkey solution, to include Contractor administration, scoring, and reporting, for an off-the-shelf software of career readiness skills and aptitudes. This career readiness assessment may be administered to approximately 70,000 students and adults across the state annually and include both online and paper administrations. Use of this contract is mandatory for state agencies in accordance with the terms and conditions included herein. Use by local Using Governmental Units (UGU) is optional.

Testing - Career Ready Test
Start Date: 02/05/2018  |  End Date: 02/04/2023
Solicitation#: 5400014577
Vendor: Worldwide Interactive Network, Inc. (WIN)
Contract#: 4400017932
Vendor#: 7000053961
Email: mwagner@winlearning.com
Address: 1000 Waterford Place Kingston, TN 37763
Phone#: (865) 717-2228
Fax#: (865) 381-0654
Website: http://winlearning.com
Costs of Career Ready Test
Paper test Per Pupil $25.00
Online test Per Pupil $25.00 

Technical Reports (SCDE and SCDEW) Unit of Measure Cost year 1 Cost years 2-5
Technical Reports SCDE Each $46,339 $39,388
Technical Reports SCDEW Each $9,946 $8,454
Technical Reports SCDE and SCDEW combined Each $2,750 $2,338
Optional Technical Reports
(all other UGUs not SCDEW and SCDE)                                                                                 
Each                                           $2,750.00                   $2,750.00                        

Contact: Matthew Wagner
Contact: Ken Boddie
Phone#: (704) 430-1756
Email: kboddie@winlearning.com
Contact: Kathy Fletcher
Phone#: (386) 871-9671
Email: kfletcher@winlearning.com
Contact: Steve Fain
Phone#: (859) 582-6501
Email: sfain@winlearning.com