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Guidelines to Request an Increase in Procurement Certification

To request an increase in Agency Certification for any Procurement category, please provide the following information to the Materials Management Officer:

  1. Provide written justification for increased certification; please do not ask for more than the agency needs. For example: the agency has specialized programs with internal product knowledge not used by other agencies; the agency has requested multiple delegations in the last three years and demonstrated the ability to successfully solicit the required supplies and services or construction.
  2. Provide an organization chart for the procurement department, as well as an organization chart showing the location of the procurement department within the overall agency structure.
  3. Provide the qualifications and experience of key members of the procurement staff; include any specialized knowledge by individual staff.
  4. An analysis of expected retirements of key procurement personnel and a succession plan that demonstrates the continued ability to conduct compliant procurements.
  5. An explanation of recent or expected increases in procurement volume that require a higher certification.