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Procurement Law Basics

Click here to access the Consolidated Procurement Code, the State's procurement regulations, an index of both, and a list of procurement exemptions.

Ethics Act & Public Contracts

The State's standard bidding instructions require that each offeror certify that it has and will comply with, and has not, and will not, induce a person to violate the ethics laws appearing in Title 8, Chapter 13 of the South Carolina Code of Laws. To access a complete copy of South Carolina's ethics statutes, click here.

For those involved in public contracts, the following sections require special attention:
Section 8-13-700, regarding use of official position for financial gain
Section 8-13-705, regarding gifts to influence action of public official
Section 8-13-720, regarding offering money for advice or assistance of public official
Sections 8-13-755 and 8-13-760, regarding restrictions on employment by former public official
Section 8-13-775, prohibiting public official with economic interests from acting on contracts
Section 8-13-790, regarding recovery of kickbacks
Section 8-13-1150, regarding statements to be filed by consultants
Section 8-13-1342, regarding restrictions on contributions by contractor to candidate who participated in awarding of contract

For a distinct but related rule regarding gifts to government agencies, please see Regulation 19-445.2165

FOIA Guides

SFAA publishes two guides with recommendations to assist procurement officers in the State's Division of Procurement Services in fulfilling their responsibiities under South Carolina's Freedom of Information Act, or FOIA. One guide describes how to respond to a document request during the procurement process. The other describes how to conduct meetings of advisory, evaluation, and selection committees. 

Illegal Immigration & Public Contracts

An overview of how the South Carolina Illegal Immigration Reform Act effects public contracts is available at www.procurement.sc.gov/immigration

Protest Process Overview

The following attachments provide an overview of the protest procedures, including any hearings conducted as part of the administrative process.

  • Introduction to Protests
  • Panel Procedural Rules (Revised December 2012)