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Audio Visual
ClassificationContract TypeManagerPhone#
Information TechnologyStateTermLillanea Bouknight803.737.3224

USERS PLEASE NOTE:  Prices reflected on the linked Price Lists at the time of the order are the correct contract prices.  The Price List should reflect the MSRP price and the discounted SC AV Contract Price according to the Category and Manufacturer.  If you find that a link does not work or the Vendor quotes a higher price than reflected on the Price List, please report it to the State Procurement Manager.  The Vendor will be given 10 days to restore or update the link for future orders.  The UGU may proceed with another Vendor if they elect not to delay their order. 
VENDORS PLEASE NOTE:  Maintaining an up-to-date Price List that shows the MSRP Price and the SC AV Price is the Vendor's responsibility and is material to this contract.  If the link does not work or the Vendor will not honor the current Price List due to a price change, the UGU is advised to contact the State Procurement Manager.  The Vendor must honor the pricing on the current Price List and will be given 10 days to provide a working link to the State Procurement Manager.  The UGU may proceed with another Vendor if they elect not to delay their order.   

Audio (amplifiers, assisted listening, headsets, microphones, mixers and processors, records and players, speakers)
Video (cameras, camcorders, signage devices, document cameras, editing and streaming devices, recorders)
Displays (projectors, displays, whiteboards, monitors, projectors, televisions, screen and shade projection systems)
Control Signal Distribution Systems (control and presentation systems, control panels, surge protectors, switches and routers)
Lighting (bulbs, controllers and dimmers, lighting fixtures)
Racks, Carts and Support Systems (bags, cases, charging carts, support racks, system racks, mobile system cabinet)
General Installation Components (batteries, brackets, cables, connectors, fasteners, fuses, hangers, lamps, mounts, wiring, zip ties, electrical tape)  

Warranty - Minimum of 90 day, non-exclusionary warranty on all equipment at no additional cost to UGU.  Extended warranty, at a cost, may be available from the vendor.  Request warranty information from the vendor for each piece of equipment installed.  

Shipping - Standard FOBD Shipping and handling is at no cost to UGU on purchases of $201 or more.  Expedited or special delivery may be requested by the UGU at a cost agreed upon in advance and included on the purchase order.  

Offers after Initial Award are due by: 
5/3/2022, 11:00 a.m.  
5/3/2023, 11:00 a.m. 
5/3/2024, 11:00 a.m. 
Review and Intent to Award will occur within 30 days from the due date.  

Audio Visual
Start Date: 05/03/2021  |  End Date: 05/02/2026
Solicitation#: 5400020901
AV Discount by Vendor Category
Vendor: A3 Communications
Contract#: 4400026057
Vendor#: 7000032663
Address: 1038 Kinley Rd. Irmo, SC 29063
Phone#: 803-744-5000
Fax#: 803-731-6046
Website: https://www.a3communications.com
Price List Link:  A3 Price List
Instruction:  Direct link above or from website landing page, select drop down "Contract Vehicles", "South Carolina", then brand/product.  
Contact: Brian Thomas, President
Phone#: 803-744-5000 ext. 5027
Email: bthomas@a3communications.com
Vendor: Advanced Video Group Inc.
Contract#: 4400026058
Vendor#: 7000070682
Email: info@avgroup-sc.com
Address: 141 Crouch Commercial Ct. Irmo, SC 29063
Phone#: 803-451-4031
Fax#: 803-884-7647
Website: http://www.avgroup-sc.com/
Price List Link: Advanced Video Group Price List
Instruction: Go to the "Pricing Portal" and enter Password: 4400026058
Vendor: Amitrace
Contract#: 4400026059
Vendor#: 7000118771
Address: 1110 Satellite Blvd. NW Ste. 304 Suwanee, GA 30024
Phone#: 770-263-9090
Fax#: 770-263-7852
Website: www.amitrace.com
Amitrace Price List Link
Contact: Faraz Ahmed
Phone#: 770-263-9190
Email: sales@amitrace.com
Vendor: Amteck LLC
Contract#: 4400031668
Vendor#: 7000296749
Address: 3229 Sunset Blvd Suite A, West Columbia, SC 29169
Phone#: 864-438-5148
Website: https://www.amteck.com/
Price List Link: https://amteck.com/technologies
Contact: Stephanie Horne
Phone#: 803-837-8034
Email: Shorne@Amteck.com
Contract#: 4400030722
Vendor#: 7000316701
Email: Bids@avispl.com
Address: 6301 Benjamin Road, Suite 101 Tampa, FL 33634
Phone#: 800-282-6733
Fax#: 800-244-8630
Website: https://avispl.com/
Price List - https://contracts.avispl.com/south-carolina/  

Click on the “State Contracts for AVI-SPL”, “ Click on South Carolina”, “Please contact the account manager shown for the password to access pricing.”
Contact: Taz Strauch
Phone#: 813-940-8476
Email: Taz.Strauch@avispl.com
Contact: Spencer Ackerman
Phone#: 704-201-1882
Email: spencer.ackerman@avispl.com
Vendor: BIS Digital Inc.
Contract#: 4400026080
Vendor#: 7000165076
Address: 1350 NE 56th Street Ste. 300 Ft. Lauderdale, FL 33334
Phone#: 800-834-7674
Fax#: 877-858-5611
Website: www.bisdigital.com
Price List - https://www.jotform.com/BISDigital/scsc-pricing-catalog

Click on the “BISDigital/scsc-pricing-catalog”, “Please contact the Contract Administrator shown for the password to access pricing.” Please Enter the “Quote Expiration Date” for pricing.
Contact: Bradley Uthe, Director of Business Development & Contract Administrator
Phone#: (800) 834-7674 x4506
Email: Bradley.Uthe@bisdigital.com
Contact: Kirk Ambrose, Vice President
Phone#: (800) 834-7674 x4521
Email: Kirk.ambrose@bisdigital.com
Contact: Brad Grant , South Carolina Account Manager
Phone#: (800) 834-7674 x9346
Email: Brad.grant@bisdigital.com
Vendor: Bluum USA Inc.
Contract#: 4400031521
Vendor#: 7000334597
Address: 4675 E COTTON CENTER BLVD STE 155 Phoenix, AZ 85040
Website: https://www.bluum.com/contracts
Contract 4400031521 replaces Contract 4400026101 due to vendor change of name from Troxell Communications to Bluum USA Inc.
Contact: Jennifer Vaughn
Phone#: 803-860-9116
Email: jennifer.vaughn@bluum.com
Vendor: BridgeTek Solutions LLC
Contract#: 4400026081
Vendor#: 7000207039
Address: 110 Connector Park Ct. Piedmont, SC 29673
Phone#: 303-981-3080
Fax#: 864-214-0221
Website: www.bridgeteksolutions.com
From Vendor website above or Price Link, select "Contracts", then "South Carolina", then Audio Visual Products and Services Contract
Contact: Thomas Clinton
Phone#: 864-214-0221 ext. 1
Email: tclinton@bridgeteksolutions.com
Vendor: Camcor Inc
Contract#: 4400026082
Vendor#: 7000045603
Address: 1057 Red Ventures Dr. Ste. 170 Fort Mill, SC 29707
Phone#: 800-868-2462
Fax#: 800-298-1181
Website: www.camcor.com
Price List Link: Camcor Price List
Contact: Rodney Bailey
Phone#: 800-868-2462 ext. 352
Email: jrbailey@camcor.com
Vendor: Charleston Imaging Products Inc. dba The Office People
Contract#: 4400026083
Vendor#: 7000053340
Address: 5546 Woodbine Ave, PO Box 2337, Mt Pleasant, SC 29465
Phone#: 843-769-7774 or 843-769-4225
Price List Link: Charleston Imaging Products Price List
Instruction:  Enter Password: AVSC 
Contact: Holly Mummert, Primary Contact
Phone#: 843-769-4225
Email: hmummert@theofficepeople.com
Contact: Sean Mummert
Email: sean@theofficepeople.com
Vendor: Clark Powell Associates Inc
Contract#: 4400026084
Vendor#: 7000040215
Address: 342 Riverchase Way Ste. A Lexington, SC 29072
Phone#: 800-843-1099
Fax#: 855-403-8200
Website: https://www.clark-powell.com/
Price List Link:   SC State Contract - ClarkPowell (clark-powell.com)
Instruction:  Enter ID: South Carolina State Contract and Password: KCpd#be
Contact: Joanne Nall
Email: joanne@clark-powell.com
Vendor: Codelynx Inc
Contract#: 4400026085
Vendor#: 7000258695
Address: 4937 Fargo St. North Charleston, SC 29418
Phone#: 843-266-2330
Fax#: 843-266-2333
Website: www.codelynx.com
Contract Price Link:  Codelynx Price List
Contact: Drew Weston
Email: drew.weston@codelynx.com
Contact: Send Orders to:
Email: orders@codelynx.com
Vendor: Encore Technology Group LLC
Contract#: 4400026109
Vendor#: 7000195727
Address: 2000 Wade Hampton Blvd. Ste. 210 Greenville, SC 29615
Phone#: 888-983-6267
Contract Pricing Link:  Encore Price List 
Contact: Russell Young
Email: ryoung@encoretg.com
Vendor: Feyen Zylstra LLC
Contract#: 4400026087
Vendor#: 7000255563
Address: 8351 Palmetto Commerce Parkway Unit 106 Ladson, SC 29456
Phone#: 843-872-9075
Fax#: 843-872-9079
Website: http://www.feyenzylstra.com/
Contract Pricing Link: Feyen Zylstra Pricing 
Instruction: Scroll to bottom of the landing page, select Vendor Pricing List.
Contact: Cynthia Lail
Email: CynthiaL@fzcorp.com
Vendor: Goodlife Communications
Contract#: 4400026088
Vendor#: 7000218139
Address: 17 Loch Carrun Terrace Charleston, SC 29414
Phone#: 843-224-7838
Fax#: 843-793-2903
Website: http://www.goodlifecommunications.com/
Price List Link: Goodlife Price List 
Contact: Jessica Bonavita
Email: jessica@goodlifecommunications.com
Contact: Tom Bonavita
Email: tom@goodlifecommunications.com
Contact: Mark Hudson, Sales Engineer
Phone#: 843-879-9022 x-108
Email: mark@goodlifecommunications.com
Vendor: Greenville Media LLC
Contract#: 4400027433
Vendor#: 7000235677
Email: sales@greenvillemedia.com
Address: 31 Boland Court, Greenville SC 29615
Phone#: 864-325-2781
Fax#: 864-325-2781
Website: https://www.greenvillemedia.com
Price Link:   SC-Contract-Pricelist.xlsx
Contact: Mark Finney
Phone#: 864-385-4862
Email: mark@greenvillemedia.com
Vendor: Howard Technology Solutions
Contract#: 4400026089
Vendor#: 7000034207
Address: PO Box 1590 Laurel, MS 39441
Phone#: 601-425-3181
Fax#: 601-399-5077
Website: http://www.howardcomputers.com/
Price List Link:  https://www.howardcomputers.com/state/sc/AudioVisual.cfm 
Instruction:  Select "South Carolina AV Pricing" (top left side of screen. Login is not required)
Contact: Tyler Davis
Phone#: 843-637-9776
Email: thdavis@howard.com
Contact: Scott Galloway
Phone#: 864-941-8247
Email: sgalloway@howard.com
Contact: Jordan Breed
Phone#: 601-399-5614
Email: jbreed@howard.com
Contact: Brandey Boyd
Phone#: 601-399-5831
Email: bboyd@howard.com
Contact: Ordering
Email: htsorderentrypos@howardcomputers.com
Vendor: Kontek Systems Inc.
Contract#: 4400031669
Vendor#: 7000333437
Email: mwenhart@kontek.com
Address: 604 North Duke Street, Durham, NC 27701
Phone#: 919-680-4321
Fax#: 919-688-6676
Website: https://www.kontek.com/
Instructions on how to access price link: Enter K0ntek! Into the password field to access the page.
Vendor Files/Links:
Kontek Price List
Contact: Mike Wenhart
Phone#: 919-973-7561
Email: mwenhart@kontek.com
Vendor: Methodic Technologies LLC
Contract#: 4400031711
Vendor#: 7000316593
Email: rhyatt@methodictechnologies.com
Address: 1047 Rainbow Lake Road, Inman, SC 29349
Phone#: 864-580-6421
Website: https://www.methodictechnologies.com/
Vendor Files/Links:
Price List
SC Contract Discounts
Contact: Ryan Hyatt
Phone#: 864-237-8856
Email: rhyatt@methodictechnologies.com
Vendor: MusiCraft Incorporated
Contract#: 4400026091
Vendor#: 7000004658
Address: 560 Southport Rd. Roebuck, SC 29376
Phone#: 864-576-6456
Fax#: 864-576-2245
Website: http://www.musicraft.com/
Price List Link: MusiCraft Price List
Contact: Buzz Jones
Email: buzz@musicraft.com
Vendor: Netplanner Systems Inc.
Contract#: 4400026092
Vendor#: 7000169410
Address: 4808 Technology Dr. Martinez, GA 30907
Phone#: 706-550-6007
Fax#: 770-441-3773
Website: http://www.netplanner.com/
Netplanner Price List
Contact: Allison Murphy
Email: Allison.murphy@netplanner.com
Vendor: Network Control and Electric
Contract#: 4400026093
Vendor#: 7000050994
Address: 136 Johns Rd. Greer, SC 29650
Phone#: 864-334-4740
Fax#: 864-297-9101
Website: http://www.networkcontrols.com/
Price Link: Network Controls Pricing
Contact: Richie Gibbons
Email: rgibbons@networkcontrols.com
Vendor: Netsource ET LLC
Contract#: 4400026094
Vendor#: 7000155915
Address: 156 Langsdale Rd. Columbia, SC 29212
Phone#: 203-216-4149
Website: http://www.netsource-et.com/

Price List Link:  Netsource Price List
Instruction:  Select "State Contract" on landing page.

Contact: Allison McCrary
Phone#: 803-707-0369
Email: amccrary@netsource-et.com
Vendor: Pinnacle Network Solutions
Contract#: 4400031688
Vendor#: 7000130414
Email: btiller@pinnaclens.com
Address: 823 West Evans St., Florence, SC 29501
Phone#: 843-662-1581
Fax#: 843-662-1581
Website: https://www.pinnaclens.com/
Contact: Tanner Poston
Vendor: Recursav LLC
Contract#: 4400031667
Vendor#: 7000288432
Email: Sales@recursav.com
Address: 3909 Westpoint Blvd STE G, Winston-Salem, NC 27103
Phone#: 336-528-4860
Website: https://www.recursav.com/

Go to www.recursav.com and hover the top menu item "Contracts"


Select the SC State Contract


The site will redirect to our cloud file server and request a password to gain access. Agencies may email sales@recursav.com to request password for access.


You can also access the pricing via direct link: https://www.dropbox.com/sh/m7nzbeh28ggcewr/AAD4nuQpg3FnC72lo5clFXTPa?dl=0

Vendor: Presidio Networked Solutions LLC
Contract#: 4400032575
Vendor#: 7000175727
Address: 1301 Gervais St. #1415, Columbia, SC 29201
Phone#: 704-413-0897
Website: http://www.withrove.com/

Rove LLC has now been acquired by Presidio. This contract replaces Contract 4400026113. 

Contract Price Link:  Rove Price List

Vendor Files/Links:
Rove Price List (Biamp, Crestron, Extron, Shure, Chief)
Rove Updated Pricing 4-28-23
Contact: Brian Calfo
Email: brian.calfo@withrove.com
Vendor: Sharp Business Systems
Contract#: 4400026095
Vendor#: 7000125435
Address: 109 Ben Hamby Dr. Greenville, SC 29615
Phone#: 864-675-2000
Website: http://www.sharp-sbs.com/
Price List Link:  Sharp Price List
Contact: Brooks Gardner
Email: brooks.gardner@sharpusa.com
Vendor: Smarter Systems Creative Audio Visual
Contract#: 4400026096
Vendor#: 7000124844
Address: 2520 Whitehall Park Drive, Suite 400, Charlotte, NC 28273
Phone#: 704-765-5065
Fax#: 980-207-4891
Website: http://www.smartersys.com/
Price Link:  Smart Systems Price List
Contact: Ned Coleman
Email: ned@smartersys.com
Vendor: Source Business Solutions LLC
Contract#: 4400031710
Vendor#: 7000334650
Email: George@sbsolution1.com
Address: 1500 Eleazer Road, Irmo, SC 29063
Phone#: 803-960-6986
Fax#: 803-945-9217
Website: https://sbsolution1.com/
Contact: George Lusk
Phone#: 803-960-6986
Email: George@sbsolution1.com
Vendor: Strategic Connections INc
Contract#: 4400026112
Vendor#: 7000166555
Address: 300 Spring Forest Road Raleigh, NC 27616
Phone#: 919-878-0550
Fax#: 919-875-8712
Website: http://www.strategicconnections.net/
Contract Price Link:  Strategic Connections Price List
Contact: Richard Clark
Email: Richard.Clark@strategicmail.net
Vendor: Summit Solutionz Inc
Contract#: 4400026098
Vendor#: 7000295466
Address: 101 Corporate Blvd Suite 106 West Columbia, SC 29169
Phone#: 888-815-6128
Website: http://www.solutionzinc.com/
Price List Link: Solutionz Price List
Instruction:  Password: Solutionz
Contact: Danny Dalton
Phone#: 803-233-1349
Email: ddalton@solutionzinc.com
Vendor: Technical Services Audio Visual
Contract#: 4400026099
Vendor#: 7000219993
Address: 775 Barber Street Athens, GA 30601
Phone#: 706-613-8759
Fax#: 706-613-5020
Website: http://www.tsav.com/
Contract Pricing Link:  TSAV Price List
Instruction:  Enter Password: 1BA4rWed4Bgw1ZY2ezXRBT2 (you can copy and paste this link in the password block when the page comes up)
Contact: Lisa Lewis
Email: sales@tsav.com
Vendor: Telcom Inc.
Contract#: 4400029523
Vendor#: 7000106735
Email: loswald@telcomsc.com
Phone#: 803-772-3304
Fax#: 803-807-9530
Website: http://www.telcomsc.com/
Vendor: Tristar Digital Connections
Contract#: 4400026100
Vendor#: 7000172808
Address: 110 Glancy Street, Ste 204 Goodlettsville, TN 37072
Phone#: 615-420-6545
Fax#: 615-420-6892
Website: http://www.tristardc.com/
TriStar Price List Link
Password: SCMaster
Contact: Katherine Torkelsen
Email: katherine@tristardc.com
Vendor: Vision21 Solutions LLC
Contract#: 4400030513
Vendor#: 7000236437
Email: ablum@vision21.com
Address: 3200-105 Wellington Ct. Raleigh, NC 27615
Phone#: 843-269-5937
Fax#: 919-600-0171
Website: https://vision21.com/

Price Link: https://vision21.com/scavcontractpricing/


Contact: Adam Blum
Phone#: 843-269-5937
Email: ablum@vision21.com
Vendor: WH Platts Company
Contract#: 4400026102
Vendor#: 7000016222
Address: 6543 A Fain St North Charleston, SC 29406
Phone#: 843-553-1131, Ext 105
Fax#: 843-553-1151
Website: http://www.whplatts.com/
Price List Link: WH Platts Price List
Instruction:  Select "SC State Contract Pricing" at top of website landing page.
Contact: Cindy Melton
Email: cindym@whplatts.com
Vendor: Young Office Environments Inc
Contract#: 4400026103
Vendor#: 7000035006
Address: 1280 Ridge Rd Greenville, SC 29607
Phone#: 864-281-9500
Fax#: 864-281-9555
Contract Pricing Link: Young Office Price List  
Instruction: Scroll to bottom of page and select "View Pricing" under SC State Contract
Contact: Joel Eller
Email: jeller@youngoffice.com