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Ballast & Lamps
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Goods & ServicesStateTermEllicia Howard803.737.0687

Important Note: Due to the evolution and improvements in technology, a number of the items in the Market Basket have been updated to newer versions. Substitute, like items, were allowed in some of the Lots. For example, Delviro brand was an approved substitute.

All applicable items in the manufacturer’s catalog will be included in the contract at the same discounted rate offered during the reverse auction event and noted in the vendor contract information.

Lot A Phillips
Lot B Sylvania
Lot C General Electric
Lot D – Retrofit Service for Philips, Sylvania and General Electric Products – environmentally friendly, sustainable, green, alternate lighting solutions and options which are compatible with items in Lots A, B and C. Recycling of Lamps & Ballasts is also offered in this Lot. Details with the vendor information.

Ballast & Lamps
Start Date: 09/08/2017  |  End Date: 09/07/2022
Contract#: Multiple Contract Numbers
Solicitation#: 5400013113
Vendor: Border States Electric
Contract#: 4400024366
Vendor#: 7000256472
Address: 120 Saxe Gotha, West Columbia, SC 29172
Phone#: 803-252-5668
Lot B Sylvania - Discount 25.00%
Lot D Retrofit Options - Discount 15.00%
Lot D Recycling - Discount 15.00% - See Details below. 

Recycling Information:
Each recycling project is priced based on different factors (per each, per pound, per drum). We offer it as a value-added service. Border States can pick up the material or it can be dropped off. Please contact Border States for a quote. Pricing is based on several factors--each individual customer, if the project originally was sold by Border States (new lamps/fixtures), if the recycling fee was included in the project cost, and how far the customer is.
Contact: Tanya Semer
Phone#: 803-252-5668
Email: TSemer@borderstates.com
Vendor: Consolidated Electrical Distributors
Contract#: 4400016973
Vendor#: 7000185695
Email: customerservice@cedcolumbia.com
Address: 497 Huger Street, Columbia, SC 29201
Phone#: 803-252-4373
Awarded Lot B:  Sylvania
Discount 56.00%
Contact: Chris Search
Phone#: 803-252-4373
Email: customerservice@cedcolumbia.com
Vendor: MSC Industrial Supply Company
Contract#: 4400016971
Vendor#: 7000095161
Address: 34 Boland Court, Greenville, SC 29615
Phone#: 864-281-9330
Awarded Lot A - Phillips 
Discount 0%
Contact: Scott McCamant
Phone#: 864-281-9330
Email: branchrv@mscdirect.com
Vendor: Graybar
Contract#: 4400016972
Vendor#: 7000046565
Email: Frank.Sweatman@graybar.com
Address: 745 Sunset Blvd., West Columbia, SC 29169
Phone#: 8037271713
Lot A Phillips - Discount 27.50%
Lot C General Electric Alternates - Discount 27.50%
Lot D Retrofit Options - Discount 41.40%
Lot D Recycling - Discount 41.40%.  See Recycling Details below.

Recycling Information:  
SUPPLY-043 – Prepaid box that would hold 30 T-12 lamps or 72 T-8 lamps (approximately .68 per T8) $49.23 each
SUPPLY-065 – Prepaid box that would hold 68 T-12 lamps or 146 T-8 lamps (approximately .55 per T8) $79.53 each
SUPPLY-144 – Prepaid box/pallet that would hold up to 800 T-12 or 1600 T-8 lamps (approximately .58 per T-8) $934.16 each
SUPPLY-193 – Prepaid 6.5 gallon lamp ballast recycling pail – Holds 66 pounds of magnetic and electronic lamp ballast $112.35 each

8’ lamp boxes are also available. Graybar offers “bulk” recycling, based on need, and will provide quote for this service.  Pricing includes the container(s), shipping, recycling service and on-line access to a report of amounts of reclaimed materials/chemicals resulting from the recycling process.  The pricing also reflects the same discount as listed by Graybar in Lot D of Contract 4400016972.
Contact: Frank Sweatman
Phone#: 803-727-1713
Email: Frank.Sweatman@graybar.com