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Convection Ovens
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Use by state governmental bodies (as defined in Section 11-35-310(18)), which includes most state agencies, is mandatory except under limited circumstances, as provided in Section 11-35-310(35). Political subdivisions and municipalities are encouraged to use these contracts but are not required.



  1. Installation: Unit price includes the equipment being delivered, uncrated, removal of all material, set in place, leveled if applicable, sanitized and ready for final connections by others.
  1. Operational Manuals: Unless specified, contractor will provide three (3) operational manuals (hardcopies or PDF) for each item acquired.
  1. Training: When required by the ordering entity, upon successful installation and prior to acceptance of item, the successful bidder or their designee shall fully demonstrate the operation and maintenance of the equipment, if requested by the ordering entity.
  1. Warranty: Warranty shall be three (3) years for parts and repair.  Maximum warranty response time shall be (from time of first contact) four (4) hours by phone and on-site within 48 hours. Response time is based on normal working hours of 8:00 am to 2:00 pm.  The bidder shall agree to provide a service log (service history on the equipment) on any piece of equipment as part of this bid when requested by the district director or supervisor.)  The service history will contain the cause of the breakdown and the length of time the equipment is non-functioning. If the down time is determined to be operator error, misuse, or abuse, the down time will not be considered in accessing satisfactory equipment.
  1. Delivery Date: Thirty (30) days after contractor’s receipt of the purchase order. If the using governmental unit requests delivery sooner than the time specified, contractor may invoice the ordering entity any additional shipping charges approved by the ordering entity on the purchase order.

NOTICE:  These products have been incorporated into the APPLIANCES contract and these items will not be resolicited as a separate requirement once these contracts expire.

Convection Ovens
Start Date: 02/07/2017  |  End Date: 02/06/2022
Contract#: Multiple Contract Numbers
Solicitation#: 5400012460
Vendor: Singer T&L
Contract#: 4400026404
Vendor#: 7000296171
Address: 933 Robeson Street, Fayetteville, NC 28305
Phone#: 910-484-1128 ext. 107
Awarded Lots:
Lot 2 - Region 1 - Coastal - South Bend
Lot 3 - Region 1 - Coastal - Blodgett Zephaire
Lot 5 - Region 2 - Columbia - South Bend
Lot 8 - Region 3 - Pee Dee - South Bend
Lot 9 - Region 3 - Pee Dee - Blodgett Zephaire
Lot 11 - Region 4 - Piedmont - South Bend
Lot 12 - Region 4 - Piedmont - Blodgett Zephaire
Lot 14 - Region 5 - Sandhills - South Bend
Lot 15 - Region 5 - Blodgett Zephaire
Vendor Files/Links:
Singer T&L Convection Oven Pricing Sheet
Contact: Melanie Gitlin
Phone#: (910) 484-1128 Ext. 107
Email: mgitlin@singerequipment.com
Vendor: Verticle Culinary Solutions, LLC
Contract#: 4400019451
Vendor#: 7000262014
Address: 406 Huger Street, Columbia, SC 29201
Awarded Lots:
Lot 1 - Region 1 - Coastal - Vulcan
Lot 4 - Region 2 - Columbia - Vulcan
Lot 7 - Region 3 - Pee Dee - Vulcan
Lot 10 - Region 4 - Piedmont - Vulcan
Lot 13 - Region 5 - Sandhills - Vulcan
Vendor Files/Links:
Verticle Culinary Solutions Convection Oven Pricing Sheet
Contact: Laura Carlson
Phone#: (803) 776-0380 Ext. 120
Email: laura@general-sales.com
Vendor: Culinary Depot
Contract#: 4400015339
Vendor#: 7000138291
Address: 2 Melnick Drive, Monsey, NY 10952
Phone#: 845-414-2274
Awarded Lot:
Lot 6 - Region 2 - Columbia - Blodgett Zephaire
Vendor Files/Links:
Culinary Depot Convection Oven Pricing Sheet
Contact: Eli Potash
Phone#: (845) 414-2274
Email: elip@culinarydepot.biz