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Hot and Cold Pass Through Holding Units
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Goods & ServicesStateTermDeAna Reed-Sharpe803.896.6389

Brand Specific: Based on testing conducted by The South Carolina School Food Service Purchasing Alliance Inc., the parameters of this solicitation are brand and item specific. The following brands and item numbers are approved for this contract. No other brands, models, or items sold by Singer T&L are available under the terms of this contract, unless a change order is processed by The State Fiscal Accountability Authority.

Installation: If requested by end user, contractor shall deliver and install all items acquired pursuant to this contract as follows: The delivery and installation of each item will remain the responsibility of the vendor up to the point of electrical connection. Additionally, the vendor shall provide all materials needed for delivery and installation as none will be provided. Lastly, the delivery and install will be coordinated with the end-user to best accommodate their schedule, and refuse will be removed by the contractor once installation is complete. Installation does not include electrical plug-in.

Technical Support: Upon request, contractor shall provide technical assistance or service. Such service, by phone, shall be available within one (1) hour of the initial request- between the hours of 7:30 AM and 4:30 PM EST, Monday through Friday. On- site technical assistance or repairs will be conducted within 48 hours following initial request unless otherwise agreed upon by end-user.

Pricing: Pricing reflected below will remain fixed for the first term of the contract. After the first term, regardless of pricing changes, the discount provided for each manufacturer will remain fixed until contract expiration.

NOTICE:  These products have been incorporated into the APPLIANCES contract and these items will not be resolicited as a separate requirement once these contracts expire.

Hot and Cold Pass Through Holding Units
Start Date: 08/28/2019  |  End Date: 08/27/2024
Solicitation#: 5400017852
Vendor: Singer T&L
Contract#: 4400026407
Vendor#: 70000296171
Address: 933 Robeson Street, Fayetteville, NC 28305
Phone#: 910-484-1128 ext. 107
Delivery Date: 30 Days ARO

Contract number 4400026407 replaced contract number 4400021993.
Vendor Files/Links:
Singer T&L Hot and Cold Pass Through Holding Unit Pricing Sheet
Contact: Melanie Gitlin
Email: mgitlin@singerequipment.com