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Goods & ServicesCooperativePortia Davis803.737.5473

The State of Oregon, lead state for the NASPO MRO Contract, awarded contracts for MRO supplies on April 17, 2018, with an initial term of April 17, 2018 through June 30, 2019. The State of South Carolina will offer the contracts established for use by all State agencies, political subdivisions, and higher and technical education institutions of the State of South Carolina for this same period. Entities shall use these contracts as they would a Statewide Term Contract, although use is not mandatory (therefore 10% Rule will not apply). The Agreement is a multiple award, catalog-wide agreement involving the three largest suppliers of MRO products as below.

Exclusions: The State of South Carolina’s Participating Addendum excludes the purchase of Ballasts and Lamps; Paper Towels, Toilet Paper and Dispensers; Trash Can Liners; Office Supplies; Food Service Equipment as there are Statewide Term Contracts for the purchase of these specific items. As well as excluding any single item with an individual unit cost of $10,000.00 or more. Please note that the Statewide Term Contracts for these product exclusions may require a minimum quantity order and/or may not meet a particular or exceptional operational need of a using organization (Examples: can liner that is exceptionally thick/strong or of an unusual color or size, paper products that will not fit a particular dispenser). In such situations, using organizations may use this agreement to complete purchases to meet their specific operational needs.

Facilities MRO (Material, Repair and Operating) and Industrial Supplies
Start Date: 05/01/2018  |  End Date: 04/30/2023
Vendor: Fastenal
Contract#: 4400018623
Website: http://www.fastenal.com/
Vendor Files/Links:
Fastenal Participating Addendum
Instruction to set up account
Contact: Daniel Wright (Account Manager)
Phone#: (803) 804-7652
Email: dwright@fastenal.com
Vendor: Grainger
Contract#: 4400018621
Website: www.grainger.com

If you do not know your account number call 1-800-GRAINGER or email Tiffany Jelovich for assist with locating it.

Vendor Files/Links:
Grainger Participating Addendum
Instruction to set up account
Contact: Tiffany Jelovich (Account Manager)
Phone#: (919) 830-5589
Email: Tiffany.jelovich@grainger.com
Vendor: MSC
Contract#: 4400018624
Website: www.mscdirect.com
You must register for the account first.  You can reach out to Scott for assistance. 
Vendor Files/Links:
MSC Participating Addendum
Contact: Scott McCamant (Account Manager)
Phone#: (678) 725-2693
Email: McCamanS@mscdirect.com
Vendor: Noble Supply & Logistics
Contract#: 4400024362
Email: Cproude@noble.com
Phone#: 844-248-9077
Make sure you register for an account at  https://alpha.noble.com/naspovp/login.ssp
Vendor Files/Links:
Participating Addendum
Contact: Cassia Proude