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Walk-In Building and Home Improvement Supplies
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Goods & ServicesCooperativeDeAna Reed-Sharpe803.896.6389

The WSCA Walk-In Building Supplies and Related Material / Walk-In Carpentry Supplies / Walk- In Home Improvement Supplies Contract #MA087, issued by the State of Utah, Lead State, is effective for use by the State of South Carolina users from October 2, 2017 to July 31, 2022. The State of South Carolina offers the contract for use by all State Agencies, political subdivisions, and higher and technical education institutions of the State of South Carolina. Entities shall use these contracts as they would a Statewide Term Contract, although use is not mandatory (therefore 10% Rule will not apply).

This contract provides for a 7% DISCOUNT to the State and the convenience and flexibility of a walk-in, same day solution for access to materials, equipment and supplies. The 7% discount will be applied to purchases at the point of sale when presenting a Lowe’s- issued identification key fob. Information about key fobs, and a link to apply for them, can be found on page 2. Payments under this agreement are to be made at the point of sale with a procurement/purchasing card only (no purchase orders).

Exclusions: This Participating Addendum excludes the purchase of Lamps and Ballasts; Paper Towels, Toilet Paper and Dispensers; and Can Liners; there are other Statewide Term Contracts for the purchase of these specific items. The Participating Addendum also excludes any other supplies that are similarly covered by separate Statewide Term Contracts. Please note that the Statewide Term Contracts for such products may require a minimum quantity order or may not meet a particular or exceptional operational need of a using organization (Examples: can liner that is exceptionally thick/strong or of an unusual color or size, paper products that will not fit a particular dispenser). In such situations, using entities may use this agreement to complete purchases to meet their specific operational needs. This Participating Addendum also excludes the use of Lowe’s Business Credit programs and plans.

Walk-In Building Supplies
Start Date: 10/02/2017  |  End Date: 07/31/2022
Solicitation#: NASPO - MA087
Vendor: LOWE’s Home Centers, LLC
Email: NASPO@lowes.com
Phone#: 888-310-7791
Fax#: 877-793-8455
Vendor Files/Links:
Participating Addendum