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GSA Contracts for Disaster Relief and Recovery
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Goods & ServicesStateTermMichael S. Speakmon803.737.9816

UPDATE: MARCH 16, 2020 - In response to the ongoing COVID-19 situation, the Materials Management Office has approved use of any GSA Disaster Relief and Recovery Schedule provided the good or service is not already available on State Term Contract. The schedules are to be used only in response to the declared disaster in order to facilitate recovery efforts.

Procedure for Using GSA Contracts

Step 1. Before using a GSA contract, make sure that the supplies and/or services required are not available from a State Term Contract, or that the State Term Contractor does not have adequate supplies available to fulfill the order. STATE CONTRACTS ALWAYS TAKE PRECEDENT OVER GSA CONTRACTS.

Step 2. If there is no State Contract for the supplies and/or services required, select from the categories below to find a GSA contractor that can meet your needs.

Step 3. Even in the event of an emergency, to ensure that FEMA will reimburse the State for expenditures and to meet the GSA ordering requirements quotes must be sought from three (3) sources. While it is preferable that quotes be sought from the GSA contractors listed below, if it is not possible to do so, then additional quotes can be sought from any GSA contractor who has agreed be part of the GSA Disaster Recovery Program (contractors are identified by a disaster recovery symbol.) Quotes can be obtained by contacting contractors or reviewing their price lists online at the GSA Disaster Relief E Library. Each of the contracts listed below contains a matrix of SIN numbers (special identification numbers) that are assigned by the GSA to each category of items sold by that contractor. If you click on the number of the items you are interested in, a list of all other GSA contractors who sell the items will appear.

Step 4. After receiving quotes (including delivery times) select the vendor that best suites the needs of the requirement. The GSA does not require that the lowest bid be used, issues such as delivery time, etc. should also be taken into consideration. Records should be kept of vendor’s quotes as well as the reasons for selecting the chosen vendor.

Step 5. Place order with Vendor. All GSA vendors are required to accept P-Cards for orders up to $3,000 however; most contractors will accept them for any and all orders. Be aware that most vendors have a minimum order (either dollar amount or unit amount.) The contracts also list a maximum order amount. For orders above this amount, contractors will usually offer lower prices than their standard GSA prices.
NOTE: While it is preferable that the categories listed below are used, in the case of a qualifying emergency, supplies and services may be purchased from any GSA contract holder who has agreed to be a part of the GSA Disaster Relief Program.