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Polyester Blue Tarps
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The Materials Management Office provides resources in support of the South Carolina Emergency Management Division in case of a statewide and/or nationwide emergency to provide and coordinate the provision of services, equipment and supplies to support expedient operations associated with a disaster or emergency; and for the approval and acquisition of equipment and supplies not available through normal purchasing channels and ordering timeframes. Orders may also be placed by any state agency or entity for non-emergency purposes.

**This contract will not be re-solicited at the conclusion of the contract term on February 4, 2023.  Polyester Tarps will be available for purchase via the MRP Supplies contracts. **

Contractor shall supply polyester tarps with the following minimum specifications:
  • Self-Help Tarp to be used for small areas of roof damage
  • Size – 20’ x 25’
  • Minimum Woven polyethylene 800 Denier
  • Thickness – Preferred thickness is 5-6 mil. Various thickness acceptable from 5-10 mil
  • UV Resistance – 80% after 200 hr per ASTM G23
  • Non-corrosive grommets at corners and minimum of 3’ on center on edges
  • Hems folded over
  • Corners reinforced
  • Color – Preferred color is medium blue
Tarps must be packaged in cardboard box with 2 each, 100’ lengths of 550 pound test parachute cord.
Package shall be clearly marked with the size and number of tarps
Pallets dimensions must not exceed 40” x 48”, 4 way wooden pallets. Each pallet shall be stretched wrapped with a minimum of 10 layers. Materials shall be stacked so that the total height of each pallet and material does not exceed 55 inches.

Polyester Blue Tarps
Start Date: 02/05/2018  |  End Date: 02/04/2023
Contract#: 4400017895
Solicitation#: 5400014435
Vendor: Fencescreen Inc
Contract#: 4400017895
Vendor#: 7000256075
Address: 22961 Arroyo Vista Rancho Santa Margarita CA 92688
Phone#: 949-215-6313
Poly Tarp
Item 1 - 20' x 25' - 24 Hour Delivery   $67.99
Item 2 - 20' x 25' - 3 Days Delivery     $54.99
Item 3 - 20' x 25' - 7 Days Delivery     $39.99
Item 4 - 20' x 25'- 30 Days Delivery    $39.99

FOB Destination 
Pallets can be  stacked by maximum 2 high
Contact: David Alexander (Primary)
Phone#: 949-215-6313 or 949-331-3147
Contact: Josh Alexander
Phone#: 949-215-6313 or 949-331-5949
Email: josh@fencescreen.com
Contact: Mike Mata
Phone#: 949-215-6313 or 949-632-7988