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This contract IS NOT limited for use only during support of emergency operations. It is available for use at any time during the contract.

Under normal operating conditions, all deliveries shall be made and all services provided to the location specified by the Using Governmental Unit in its purchase order.

Although a statewide contract, during declared emergencies in South Carolina, The South Carolina Emergency Management Division may choose to prioritize purchases to ensure sandbags are delivered to locations which support the State Flood Response Plan.

During “State of Emergency” operations, contractors shall have the capability to arrange for pick-up or deliver empty or pre-filled sandbags throughout the state.

  1. Contractor shall be responsible for the replacement of, and or any costs associated with the clean-up of any PRE-FILLED sandbags which are not properly and securely palletized and or prepared for shipping and are damaged or destroyed during transport.
  2. Loading assets (fork lifts, etc.) will be provided by the contractor, at the loading point, with no additional charge to the State.
  3. Delivery shall require the Contractor to perform the off-loading of sandbags at the point of delivery, unless otherwise stated by the ordering entity.
  4. During State of Emergency operating conditions, contractors shall provide emergency contact information and be available to fulfill orders from The South Carolina Emergency Management Division, or its designee, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Start Date: 09/20/2019  |  End Date: 09/19/2024
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