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Automatic External Defibrillator & Accessories
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Goods & ServicesCooperativePortia Davis803.737.5473

The State of South Carolina is pleased to announce its participation in the NASPO/Oklahoma Master Agreement, Number OK-SW-300. This Participating Addendum covers Automatic External Defibrillator & Accessories for State Agencies, Political Subdivisions, Higher and Technical Education Institutions and includes various price discounts for specific price groups.

NOTE: Use of this contract is not mandatory. Since the contract is provided as a convenience, the 10% provision found on statewide term contracts does not apply.

Both Cardiac Science and Physio-Control have supplied lists of authorized dealers which contract end-users may make purchases from. When making a purchase from an authorized dealer, contract end users shall reference both the vendor number and state contract number on their purchase orders and make payments to the address associated with the appropriate vendor number.

Automatic External Defibrillator & Accessories
Start Date: 08/19/2020  |  End Date: 08/04/2024
Solicitation#: NASPO - OK-SW-300
Vendor: Stryker Sales Corporation
Contract#: 4400024478
Vendor#: 7000281669
Email: chris.kupfer@stryker.com
Address: 3800 E Centre Ave Portage MI 49002-9799
Phone#: (615) 512-4890
Website: https://stryker.com/emergencycare
Vendor Files/Links:
Stryker Participating Addenda
Stryker Price List
Contact: Chris Kupfer
Phone#: 402-718-5129
Email: chris.kupfer@stryker.com
Vendor: Zoll Medical Corporation
Contract#: 4400025446
Vendor#: 7000084062
Email: esales@zoll.com
Address: 269 Mill Road Chemsford MA 01824
Phone#: (800) 348-9011
Vendor Files/Links:
Zoll Medical Corporation Participating Addenda
Zoll Pricing
Contact: Emily Sullivan
Phone#: : (978) 421-9655 Ext 9284