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Contraceptives and Supplies
ClassificationContract TypeManagerPhone#
Goods & ServicesCooperativeMichael S. Speakmon803.737.9816

Contract Pricing and Member-Requested Participating Addendum (MPA) for all Vendors are listed below under their individual contracts.

A link to each Contractor’s Master Agreement with MMCAP is provided with that Contractor’s information.

Contraceptives and Supplies
Start Date: 04/01/2019  |  End Date: 06/30/2023
Solicitation#: MMCAP
Vendor: BHolding Group, LLC
Contract#: 4400021122
Vendor#: 7000179894
Address: 1732 1st Avenue, New York, NY 28766
Use of this MPA is not mandatory. Since the contract is provided as a convenience, the 10% provision found on statewide term contracts does not apply.

There are two ways to place an order:
1. Request a quote via email to info@bholdinggroup.com. Once the quote is received, the using governmental unit can issue a Purchase Order by responding the same address.
2. Email Purchase Orders using the attached price list directly to info@bholdinggroup.com. BHolding will acknowledge receipt of the PO.
Orders typically ship within 48 hours of receipt of order.
Vendor Files/Links:
BHolding Group's MPA
BHolding Group's Price List
Contact: Jason Panda
Phone#: 646-397-0460
Email: jason@bholdinggroup.com
Vendor: Global Protection Corp.
Contract#: 4400021124
Vendor#: 7000078447
Address: 12 Channel Street, Boston, MA 02210
Use of this MPA is not mandatory. Since the contract is provided as a convenience, the 10% provision found on statewide term contracts does not apply.

Placing an order: There are several ways to place an order.
1. Via Phone - 1-888-714-2200 – ask for David Roddy or extension 24.
2. Via Fax: 617-946-3246 or 1-888-717-2200
3. Via Email: info@globalprotection.com, or mmcap@globalprotection.com, or david@globalprotection.com

Please do not place MMCAP orders on the web store.

Establishing an account: Customer will need the bill-to address, ship-to address, contact information, and a shipping contact. Calling this information in, initially, is the best way to establish the account with GPC.

Placing an order with a credit or purchasing card: When placing an order with credit card, you can call in the order and provide the card number at the time of the order to the sales representative. Upon request, a credit card authorization form can also be provided to ensure the information is captured correctly.

Placing an order with a Purchase Order (PO): When placing an order with purchase order, a PO number can be provided verbally when the order is placed over the phone. The PO can also be emailed to mmcap@globalprotection.com or david@globalprotection.com, or it can be faxed to the number above.
Vendor Files/Links:
Global Protection Corp. MPA
Global Protection Corp. Price List
Contract#: 4400021123
Vendor#: 7000253892
Email: csus@lifestyles.com
Address: 111 Wood Avenue South, Suite 210, Iselin, NJ 08830
Phone#: 732-345-5334
Copy this address on all orders: susan.simmons@lifestyles.com  
Vendor Files/Links:
Contact: Susan Simmons
Phone#: 732-345-5334
Email: susan.simmons@lifestyles.com