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Dental Products
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Goods & ServicesStateTermMichael S. Speakmon803.737.9816

This contract provides discounts on dental products for South Carolina providers that have completed the MMCAP application and agreement and been added as a participating facility. Contact Michael Speakmon for MMCAP membership information. Shipping is included in the cost of the product.


These contracts are constructed in such a way to have a specific market basket of items, and to provide a discount on groups of items not specifically in the market basket.  Click on the Price List for each contract for details pertaining to what is available on each contract and the associated pricing.

Dental Products
Start Date: 08/21/2020  |  End Date: 07/31/2025
Solicitation#: MMCAP
Vendor: Darby Dental
Contract#: 4400023705
Vendor#: 7000193906
Address: 300 Jericho Quadrangle, Jericho, NY 1753
Phone#: 800-901-1369 ext 4185
Fax#: 800-418-4333
Website: www.darbydental.com
MMCAP Contract: MMS1900158
Vendor Files/Links:
Darby Dental Price List
Contact: Rob Rehkopf
Phone#: 800-645-2310, Ext 2429
Email: rob.rehkopf@darby.com
Vendor: Henry Schein
Contract#: 4400023352
Vendor#: 7000170455
Email: biddept@henryschein.com
Address: PO Box 371952, Pittsburgh, PA 15250
Phone#: 775-424-3244
Website: www.henryschein.com
MMCAP Contract: MMS1900159
Vendor Files/Links:
Henry Schein Price List
Contact: Rob Irwin
Phone#: 661-425-4175
Email: biddept@henryschein.com
Vendor: Dental Health Products, Inc.
Contract#: 4400024379
Vendor#: 7000115435
Email: ladeana.declark@dhpi.net
Address: 2614 North Sugar Bush Rd., New Franklin, WI 54229
Phone#: 800-626-2163 ext 1428
Website: www.dhpionlone.com
MMCAP Contract: MMS1900120

Ordering: (Users must first contact LeDeana to setup an account with access to MMCAP pricing)
Vendor Files/Links:
Dental Health Products Price List
Contact: LeDeana DeClark
Phone#: 800-626-2163 ext 1428
Email: ladeana.declark@dhpi.net