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Pharmaceuticals - Minnesota Multi-state Cooperative
ClassificationContract TypeManagerPhone#
Goods & ServicesCooperativeMichael S. Speakmon803.737.9816

IMPORTANT: Additional contract information may be obtained through MMCAP by contacting Heather Pickett, 651-201-2412 or heather.pickett@state.mn.us. As part of our agreement with MMCAP, the State does list complete contract documents on its web site. Additionally, we do not provide same to facilities or other interested parties without express consent from MMCAP.
  • EFFECTIVE MEMBESHIP DATE FOR SC: May 1, 2002 (agreement is for an indefinite period of time)
  • CONTRACT (AMENDMENT) PERIOD: April 30, 2002 through (no end date – indefinite)
  • CONTRACT VIEWING: Supplied Upon Completed Membership Form
  • DISTRIBUTION THROUGH: Minnesota Contracting Alliance for Pharmacy – Pharmaceutical Prime Vendor/Wholesaler Contract

Pharmaceuticals & Related Contracts
Start Date: 02/01/2020  |  End Date: 01/31/2025
Contract#: MMS01451 Amendment No. 5
MMCAP New Member Application
Vendor: Cardinal Health
Contract#: 4400022810
Address: 4 Cardinal Health Court, Greensboro, NC 27407
Fax#: (614) 652 - 8804
Contact: Nicole Brooks
Phone#: (704) 300 - 1643
Email: Nicole.Brooks@cardinalhealth.com
Contact: Holy Kartscher
Phone#: (614) 757 – 4622
Email: Holly.Kartscher@ccardinalhealth.com