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These are state term contracts for furniture. There are no longer separate contracts for Office and Educational furniture, all types of furniture are included in these contracts.

Start Date: 12/06/2019  |  End Date: 12/05/2024
Solicitation#: 5400018520
The Pricing Spreadsheet attachment is a list of the following:
1.  All manufacturers contracts and contact information, including the Lots awarded to each contractor, and the associated percent discount off of MSRP that will be applied to each order. If no discount is listed, no award was made for that Lot.
2.  A listing of dealers, if requested by the manufacturer, who may process orders for that manufacturer, as well as their contract numbers. When ordering from a dealer, use the contract number associated with that dealer when processing your PO, using the Line Item associated with the manufacturer you are ordering from. Use the manufacturer’s contract number when ordering directly from the manufacturer.
3.  For faster search, filter by manufacturer name in Column A.
4.  Suppliers awarded in the following lots that offer products or accessories that can be utilized to promote protection against viral transmission and encourage social distancing practices are authorized to sell such products: Lot 2 - Executive Desks and Credenzas, Lot 4 – Tables, Lot 9 - Systems Furniture, Lot 13 – Computer Lab Furniture, Lot 18 – Cafeteria Furniture and/or Lot 20 - Classroom furniture. Examples include screens, dividers, and shields. Sale or use of these types of products is not considered mandatory under this state term contract, but rather as a convenience to Using Governmental Units if they are interested.
5.   As long as a telescopic fixed seating system is attached to a wall or the structure in which it is installed, it can be purchased under Lot 22 – Fixed Seating. If telescopic bleachers are freestanding and/or mobile, they cannot be sold or purchased via Lot 22 – Fixed Seating.

Delivery, Shipping & Installation Charges
Please refer to Section III of the Original Solicitation (link above) for specifics on delivery, shipping and installation charges. Shipping, delivery, and inside setup will typically be included in the price, but there may
be exceptions.  

Verify All Costs Associated With The Order Prior To Final Approval
Manufacturer, Dealer, Pricing Spreadsheet