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Office Supplies - Inside Delivery
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Goods & ServicesStateTermDeAna Reed-Sharpe803.896.6389

Office supplies contract is to provide inside, desktop delivery of offices supplies and copy paper, and the delivery of truckload copy paper.

The following items are EXCLUDED from this contract:

1.  Information technology products as defined by the South Carolina Consolidated Procurement Code, General Provisions, Sub article 5, including

Copiers and copier supplies,
New and refurbished laser toner and printer ink cartridges,

Laser Printers,

Computers (including laptops), monitors,

Keyboards and terminals,

Facsimile equipment, and
Television equipment.

2.  All furniture, whether metal or wood
3.  Flags, US and SC
4.  Lab Equipment and Supplies
5.  Towels and Toilet Tissue
6.  Break room supplies
7.  Janitorial supplies
8.  First-aid supplies

For individual orders totaling less than $50.00, a minimum order fee may be applied by the vendor. 

Contracts For Office Supplies & Copy Paper
Start Date: 10/16/2019  |  End Date: 04/28/2024
Solicitation#: 5400017374
Vendor: Staples Business Advantage
Contract#: 4400022013
Vendor#: 7000122678
Email: pam.richmond@staples.com
Address: 300 Arbor Lake Dr., Columbia, SC 29223
Phone#: (919) 608-7576
Product Category Discount Off List Price (%)
  Adhesives 65.00%
  Art, Drafting, and School Supplies 65.00%
  Binders & Binding Accessories 65.00%
  Calendars / Dated Goods 65.00%
  Filing and Record Storage 70.00%
  Forms, Banking, and Sign Supplies 65.00%
  IT Peripherals 62.00%
  Labels and Mailing Supplies 65.00%
  Office / Desk Accessories 70.00%
  Pens, Pencils, Markers, and Correction 65.00%
  Specialty Paper 71.00%
  Storage, Organization, and Office Equipment 65.00%
Vendor Files/Links:
Staples Market Basket
Contact: Pam Richmond
Phone#: (919) 608-7576
Email: pam.richmond@staples.com
Vendor: Forms & Supply Inc
Contract#: 4400022014
Vendor#: 7000042653
Address: 99 Vantage Point Road, West Columbia, SC 29172
Fax#: (803) 794-1089
Product Category Discount Off List Price (%)
  Adhesives 65.00%
  Art, Drafting, and School Supplies 60.00%
  Binders & Binding Accessories 60.00%
  Calendars / Dated Goods 55.00%
  Filing and Record Storage 40.00%
  Forms, Banking, and Sign Supplies 60.00%
  IT Peripherals 40.00%
  Labels and Mailing Supplies 55.00%
  Office / Desk Accessories 55.00%
  Pens, Pencils, Markers, and Correction 50.00%
  Specialty Paper 70.00%
  Storage, Organization, and Office Equipment 45.00%
Vendor Files/Links:
Forms & Supplies Market Basket
Forms & Supply Market Basket - Paper Items Only
Contact: Sherrell Ott
Phone#: 803-794-6759 ext. 3201
Email: Sherrell.ott@formsandsupply.com
Contact: Larry Abrams
Phone#: (803) 794-6759 ext. 3207
Email: Larry.Abrams@formsandsupply.com