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Digital Fingerprinting
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Information TechnologyStateTermKristen Hutto803.737.7685

Lot A of this contract is for electronic fingerprinting services pursuant to state and federal laws, which require a state and national fingerprint-based fingerprint check. The fingerprinting image and demographic data must meet the FBI and South Carolina Law Enforcement Division (SLED) certification requirements. Qualified agencies, organizations, or individuals that require fingerprinting services contact the Contractor to arrange an appointed time and place for the fingerprinting to be performed.

Lot B and C of this contract are for SLED use only. Lot B is for an automated application and credentialing system for concealed weapons permits. Lot C is for an automated application and credentialing system for security guard licensing, private investigator licensing, and SC State Constable Commissions.

Digital Fingerprinting
Start Date: 12/15/2014  |  End Date: 12/14/2021
Solicitation#: 5400008064

The Office of State Procurement is currently conducting market research and developing the solicitation for the contract that will take effect upon expiration of this contract. Please contact the procurement manager with any questions, concerns, or input.

To schedule an appointment for fingerprinting services visit https://sc.ibtfingerprint.com. Applicants who have inquiries or would like assistance with scheduling can call (866) 254-2366.
Vendor: Idemia Identity and Security USA LLC
Contract#: 4400019457
Vendor#: 7000259392
Address: 296 Concord Road Suite 300 Billerica MA 01821
Phone#: (615) 372-8092
Contact: Kristin Hill
Phone#: (615) 626-1437
Email: kristin.hill@us.idemia.com