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Digital Transaction Management
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Information TechnologyStateTermStephen Taylor803.737.2772

Digital Transaction Management (DTM) solutions leverage electronic signature, digital authentication, and workflow automation to optimize routine document-based tasks. Components of DocuSign's core offerings include eSignature Enterprise Pro for Gov, Enterprise Premier Support, Adoption Consulting, End User Training. However, each deployment of DocuSign is highly customized to fit the needs of individual entities and these suggested offerings can be altered or expanded upon at the UGU's discretion so long as all offerings acquired are within the scope of this contract. See "DocuSign Contract Pricing" for in-scope offerings.

Digital Transaction Management
Start Date: 02/26/2021  |  End Date: 02/25/2026
Solicitation#: 5400020521

Instructions for UGU

  • Contact DocuSign Account Representative listed below for a quote.
  • Verify quoted pricing is at or below the contract price. Note: The contract pricing for the State of South Carolina was negotiated based on a variety of factors, including volumes. This pricing is only applicable to Using Governmental Units of the State of South Carolina.
  • Confirm that the Order Form provided by DocuSign (1) states “This Order Form covers the products and services described herein and is governed by the terms and conditions of Contract 4400025595.” and (2) that no conflicting terms or conditions are included anywhere on the Order Form.
  • Attach final Order Form to purchase order.
    • If you elect to utilize one of DocuSign's resellers (listed below), issue the purchase order to DocuSign and in the remarks section note "C/O "Reseller Name"" and their applicable address, referencing State of South Carolina Purchase Order Number issued under State Term Contract 4400025595.
    • Submit purchase order to reseller.
    • Remittance of funds due and payable under this invoice is to be made to the applicable reseller.
    • UGU remits payment to the reseller, referencing the issued Purchase Order Number and Contract Number 4400025595

  • Carahsoft Technology Corporation (SC Vendor Number - 7000056554)
  • SAP Public Services, Inc (SC Vendor Number - 7000056077)
  • SHI International Corp (SC Vendor Number - 7000178284)

As part of Contract 4400025595, the State and DocuSign negotiated a Master Services Agreement and Public Sector Addendum that governs the rights to use the offerings. Contact the Procurement Officer to review the full agreement.
DocuSign Contract Pricing
Vendor: DocuSign Inc
Contract#: 4400025595
Vendor#: 7000210957
Address: 221 Main Street, Suite 1550 San Francisco, California 94105
Contact: Jason Old, Account Executive
Phone#: (757) 575-6896
Email: jason.old@docusign.com