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Web Conferencing Services
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Information TechnologyStateTermRandy Barr803.896.5232

To established a statewide term contract for services of web-conferencing platforms.  To broaden the availability of available services for support to statewide governmental agencies, departments, local, county governments and school districts

Web Conferencing Services
Start Date: 02/19/2024  |  End Date: 02/18/2029
Solicitation#: 5400026215
Vendor: Lumen Technologies Group (Webex)
Contract#: 4400033888
Vendor#: 7000307417
Address: 100 CenturyLink Drive, Monroe LA 71203
Website: https://www.lumen.com/en-us/home.html
Vendor Files/Links:
Price List
Contact: Colleen Hinsberg
Phone#: 803-753-5014
Email: colleen.hinsberg@lumen.com
Vendor: Carousel Industries (Zoom)
Contract#: 4400033887
Vendor#: 7000127105
Address: 659 South County Trail, Exeter RI 02822
Website: https://nwncarousel.com/
Vendor Files/Links:
Price List
Optional Offerings
Contact: Tami Kolb
Phone#: 843-467-0798
Email: TKolb@NWNCarousel.com