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Toner: New HP Toner Cartridges & Printing Supplies
ClassificationContract TypeManagerPhone#
Information TechnologyStateTermWill Butler803.737.9854

***The contract information for Toner: New Toner Cartridges & Printing Supplies has been moved to the Goods & Services Statewide Term Contract Listing***

New Cartridges: HP only
Start Date: 10/24/2017  |  End Date: 09/06/2023
This contract has been extended until September 6, 2023 - for HP Toner ONLY.  New toner contracts now appear in the Goods & Services Statewide Term Contract Listing.  
Terms & Conditions
HP Price List (Academic Supplier)
Academic Supplier Ordering Worksheet
Vendor: Academic Supplier (Kyocera, Lexmark, Ricoh, & HP Toner)
Contract#: 4400017344
Vendor#: 7000133689
Address: 3519 Main Street Unit 401 Chula Vista, CA 91911
Phone#: 800-266-2892 ext. 117
Fax#: 866-540-3292
Website: http://www.academicsupplier.com/
Allowed to sell products for Kyocera, Lexmark, Ricoh, and HP Only
Contact: Jeff Kozma (Inside Sales Rep.)
Phone#: 800-266-2892 ext. 117
Email: jeff.kozma@rasixinc.com
Contact: Veronica Perez (Customer Support Person)
Phone#: 800-266-2892 ext. 103
Email: Veronica.Perez@rasixinc.com
Contact: Chris Dahl (Technical Support)
Phone#: 800-266-2892 ext. 114
Email: chris.dahl@rasixinc.com