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Solar Flashers
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State Fiscal Accountability Authority (SFAA) will solicit bids to establish a statewide term contract for the purchase of Carmanah Solar Flashers and associated installation components and replacement parts for the repair of signage throughout the state.  

Solar Flashers
Start Date: 10/17/2020  |  End Date: 10/16/2025
Solicitation#: 5400020342
Vendor: Temple Inc.
Contract#: 4400024824
Vendor#: 7000033229
Email: blake.temple@temple-inc.com
Address: PO BOX 2066 DECATUR AL 35602
Phone#: 800) 633-3221 ext 115
Fax#: (256) 353-3351
Website: http://www.temple-inc.com/
DELIVERY: Unless otherwise specified herein, all items shall be delivered no later than thirty days after contractor’s receipt of the purchase order. If the using governmental unit requests delivery sooner than the time specified, contractor may invoice the ordering entity any additional shipping charges approved by the ordering entity on the purchase order.
For individual orders involving less than $200.00, contractor shall ship these orders prepaid, add the shipping charges to the invoice as a separate charge and include in the invoice total for payment by Using Governmental Unit.
Vendor Files/Links:
Price List - Items does not include Pole, Base or Sign
Price List for Parts Only
Contact: Byron Hood
Phone#: (704) 907-1115
Email: byron.hood@temple-inc.com
Contact: Dennis Little
Phone#: (800) 633-3221 ext 107
Email: dennis-little@temple-inc.com
Contact: Blake Temple
Phone#: (800) 633-3221 ext 115
Email: blake.temple@temple-inc.com