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Storage Products (Hitachi Data Systems)
ClassificationContract TypeManagerPhone#
Information TechnologyStateTermWill Butler803.737.9854

Hitachi Data Systems (HDS) Storage Area Network (SAN) equipment and services.
Cloud products (including, without limitation, Storage-as-a-Service) are excluded from this agreement.


This contract contains products and services that are eligible for E-Rate funding.

This contract contains products and services that are eligible for E-Rate funding. Not all products and services on this contract are eligible for E-Rate funding. Schools and libraries interested in using this contract for E-Rate purposes should consult with the Eligible Services List to determine if a product or service on this contract is eligible for E-Rate funding or not. For a current list of E-Rate eligible products and services, please visit https://www.usac.org/e-rate/applicant-process/before-you-begin/eligible-services-list/.

Only eligible South Carolina school district, charter school and library UGUs (applicants) are allowed to use this contract for the purposes of applying for E-Rate program funding.

E-Rate rules require applicants to conduct a mini-bid if multiple vendors appear on this contract. To conduct a mini-bid, applicants must submit a request for pricing to all awarded vendors on this contract. There is no bid evaluation time requirement for mini-bids, however, it is recommended that applicants consider the complexity of the mini-bid scope of work when establishing a mini-bid submission deadline. For more information on conducting a mini-bid, please visit https://www.usac.org/e-rate/applicant-process/selecting-service-providers/state-master-contracts/.

This contract may contain other E-Rate specific language such as the National Supply Chain Security, Red Light Rules, and Service Provider Identification Number (SPIN) certification

Hitachi Data Systems
Start Date: 09/23/2017  |  End Date: 09/22/2022
Solicitation#: 5400011753
Terms and Conditions
Vendor: Acumen IT LLC
Contract#: 4400017127
Vendor#: 7000040240
Address: 1 Distribution Court Greer, SC 29650
Phone#: 864-751-3320
Fax#: 864-334-1941
Contact: Chris Jones
Phone#: 864-363-4382
Email: chris.jones@acumenit.com
Vendor: CBTS LLC
Contract#: 4400025117
Vendor#: 7000287394
Address: 221 East Fourth Street Cincinnati, OH 45202
Phone#: 904-495-8754
Contact: `Steven Silberman
Phone#: 904-495-8754
Email: steven.silberman@cbts.com
Vendor: Data Network Solutions (DNS)
Contract#: 4400017106
Vendor#: 7000035473
Address: 629 Lake Tide Dr. Chapin, SC 29036
Phone#: 803-932-9915
Fax#: 803-932-9914
Contact: Fred Reavis
Phone#: 803-813-8434
Email: order@datanetworksolutions.com
Vendor: Enterprise IT Solutions LLC (EITS)
Contract#: 4400017126
Vendor#: 7000182173
Email: info@eits.com
Address: 525 North Tryon St, Charlotte, NC 28202
Phone#: 704-900-8042
Contact: Andrew Bena (Sales - Primary)
Phone#: 803-280-0283
Email: Benaa@eits.com
Contact: Leo Chavez (Sales - Secondary)
Phone#: 803-493-7549
Email: ChavezL@eits.com
Contact: Alejandra Ramirez (Invoicing)
Phone#: 828-270-5392
Email: Quotes@eits.com
Vendor: Insight Public Sector
Contract#: 4400017124
Vendor#: 7000024083
Address: 4000 Centregreen Way Ste. 100 Cary, NC 27513
Phone#: 704-249-0705
Fax#: 480-760-9488
Contact: John Dispennette
Phone#: 704-249-0705
Email: johnd@insight.com
Contact: Toni Speakman
Phone#: 919-523-2071
Email: toni.speakman@insight.com
Vendor: Sirius Computer
Contract#: 4400017128
Vendor#: 7000077072
Address: 10100 Reunion Place Ste. 500 San Antonio, TX 78216
Fax#: 866-313-0960
Contact: Phyllis (PJ) Byrd
Phone#: 210-369-0167
Email: phyllis.byrd@siriuscom.com
Vendor: Sparks Ignite Inc.
Contract#: 4400017130
Vendor#: 7000244188
Address: 7427 Matthew Mint Hill Rd. Ste. 105 PMB194 Mint Hill, NC 28227
Phone#: 803-448-5277
Fax#: 704-545-1940
Contact: Kyle Sparks
Phone#: 803-448-5277
Email: kyle@sparksignite.net
Vendor: VION Corporation
Contract#: 4400017129
Vendor#: 7000138918
Address: 196 Van Buren St. Ste. 300 Herndon, VA 20170
Phone#: 704-904-1653
Fax#: 703-707-0987
Contact: Kelly Nelson (Contract Management)
Phone#: 571-353-6170
Email: orders@vion.com