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Storage Products (Hitachi Data Systems)
ClassificationContract TypeManagerPhone#
Information TechnologyStateTermWill Butler803.737.9854

Hitachi Data Systems (HDS) Storage Area Network (SAN) equipment and services.
Cloud products are excluded from this agreement.

This contract contains products and services that are eligible for E-Rate funding.

This contract contains products and services that are eligible for E-Rate funding. Not all products and services on this contract are eligible for E-Rate funding. Schools and libraries interested in using this contract for E-Rate purposes should consult with the Eligible Services List to determine if a product or service on this contract is eligible for E-Rate funding or not. For a current list of E-Rate eligible products and services, please visit https://www.usac.org/e-rate/applicant-process/before-you-begin/eligible-services-list/.

Only eligible South Carolina school district, charter school and library UGUs (applicants) are allowed to use this contract for the purposes of applying for E-Rate program funding.

E-Rate rules require applicants to conduct a mini-bid if multiple vendors appear on this contract. To conduct a mini-bid, applicants must submit a request for pricing to all awarded vendors on this contract. There is no bid evaluation time requirement for mini-bids, however, it is recommended that applicants consider the complexity of the mini-bid scope of work when establishing a mini-bid submission deadline. For more information on conducting a mini-bid, please visit https://www.usac.org/e-rate/applicant-process/selecting-service-providers/state-master-contracts/.

This contract may contain other E-Rate specific language such as the National Supply Chain Security, Red Light Rules, and Service Provider Identification Number (SPIN) certification

Hitachi Data Systems
Start Date: 09/23/2017  |  End Date: 09/22/2022
Solicitation#: 5400011753
Terms and Conditions
Vendor: Acumen IT LLC
Contract#: 4400017127
Vendor#: 7000040240
Address: 1 Distribution Court Greer, SC 29650
Phone#: 864-751-3320
Fax#: 864-334-1941
Contact: Chris Jones
Phone#: 864-363-4382
Email: chris.jones@acumenit.com
Vendor: CBTS LLC
Contract#: 4400025117
Vendor#: 7000287394
Address: 221 East Fourth Street Cincinnati, OH 45202
Phone#: 904-495-8754
Contact: `Steven Silberman
Phone#: 904-495-8754
Email: steven.silberman@cbts.com
Vendor: Data Network Solutions (DNS)
Contract#: 4400017106
Vendor#: 7000035473
Address: 629 Lake Tide Dr. Chapin, SC 29036
Phone#: 803-932-9915
Fax#: 803-932-9914
Contact: Fred Reavis
Phone#: 803-813-8434
Email: order@datanetworksolutions.com
Vendor: Enterprise IT Solutions LLC (EITS)
Contract#: 4400017126
Vendor#: 7000182173
Address: 15105 John J Delaney Dr. Ste. D-32 Charlotte, NC 28277
Phone#: 704-900-8042
Contact: Paul Penny
Phone#: 919-274-3872
Email: pennyp@eits.com
Contact: Dan Grigg
Phone#: 919-279-5624
Email: griggd@eits.com
Vendor: Insight Public Sector
Contract#: 4400017124
Vendor#: 7000024083
Address: 4000 Centregreen Way Ste. 100 Cary, NC 27513
Phone#: 704-249-0705
Fax#: 480-760-9488
Contact: John Dispennette
Phone#: 704-249-0705
Email: johnd@insight.com
Contact: Toni Speakman
Phone#: 919-523-2071
Email: toni.speakman@insight.com
Vendor: Sirius Computer
Contract#: 4400017128
Vendor#: 7000077072
Address: 10100 Reunion Place Ste. 500 San Antonio, TX 78216
Fax#: 866-313-0960
Contact: Phyllis (PJ) Byrd
Phone#: 210-369-0167
Email: phyllis.byrd@siriuscom.com
Vendor: Sparks Ignite Inc.
Contract#: 4400017130
Vendor#: 7000244188
Address: 7427 Matthew Mint Hill Rd. Ste. 105 PMB194 Mint Hill, NC 28227
Phone#: 803-448-5277
Fax#: 704-545-1940
Contact: Kyle Sparks
Phone#: 803-448-5277
Email: kyle@sparksignite.net
Vendor: VION Corporation
Contract#: 4400017129
Vendor#: 7000138918
Address: 196 Van Buren St. Ste. 300 Herndon, VA 20170
Phone#: 704-904-1653
Fax#: 703-707-0987
Contact: Kelly Nelson (Contract Management)
Phone#: 571-353-6170
Email: orders@vion.com