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IT Temporary Staff Augmentation MPS and Supplier Contracts
ClassificationContract TypeManagerPhone#
Information TechnologyStateTermLillanea Bouknight803.737.3224


There are two contracts for the IT Temporary Staff Augmentation program. 

1) Solicitation 5400005998 is for the Managed Services Provider (MSP), contract 4400010842 with TAPFIN. This contract is extended until February 2024, until a new MSP is awarded.
* The current Intent to Award under Solicitation 5400024620 is currently under protest and suspended until further notice. There is currently not a date available as to when this decision on the protest will be published.*

2) Solicitation 5400024992, is for contracts awarded to Suppliers representing and submitting eligible candidates for IT Temporary Staff positions that State UGUs have posted and are seeking to fill.  The Suppliers are managed by the MSP. Contractors that were awarded and had staff working on contracts awarded under Solicitation 5400008056 will remain under TAPFIN. New contractors awarded will be onboarded with the newly awarded Managed Services Provider at a date that has been yet to be determined.

IT Temporary Staff Augmentation Supplier Contract
Start Date: 08/26/2023  |  End Date: 08/25/2028
Solicitation#: 5400024992
INSTRUCTIONS for Suppliers and UGUs for registration with MSP:  
  1. Using Governmental Unit (UGU) and Suppliers must be registered with the vendor manager, TAPFIN.  See contact information below. 
  2. Suppliers that are awarded contracts by the State according to the submission schedule will receive a contract number.  At that point they will be required to complete the MSP review, and training.  
  3. All UGU positions must be posted in BEELINE.  
  4. All positions must be posted for a minimum of 7 calendar days.
  5. All positions that are posted for hire will close 5 PM ET of the 7th day.
  6. All positions will need a Statement of Work (Needs, description of position duties and candidate minimum requirements).
  7. All positions will need a project name assigned to that position when posted.
How to Respond to Supplier Contract
Modification 4 Rate Card
Vendor: TAPFIN
Contract#: 4400010842
Vendor#: 7000122214
Address: 100 Manpower Pl, Milwaukee, WI 53212
Website: https://www.talentsolutions.manpowergroup.com
Remit Payments To:
29810 Network Place
Chicago, IL 60673-1298
Contact: Diane Rancourt, Program Manager - Operations
Phone#: 919-604-3886
Email: drancourt@tapfin.com
Contact: Gigi St. John, Director - Operations
Phone#: 980-329-7320
Email: gigi.stjohn@tapfin.com
Contact: Cynthia Hoyt, MBA Resource Lead
Phone#: 208-514-7411
Email: cynthia.hoyt@tapfin.com