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Laboratory Equipment, Chemicals & Supplies, including Microscopes & Parts
ClassificationContract TypeManagerPhone#
Goods & ServicesCooperativePortia Davis803.737.5473


Any item on any price list that has no discount attached is excluded from this contract and will require proper competition. There is no minimum order. Prices are F.O.B. Destination, dockside delivery, unless otherwise specified. Discounts will automatically be applied to catalog pricing so that Ordering Entities will be presented with contract pricing when logging on to the contractor’s website with a unique account number and login, supplied by the Contractor. 

Contract Commodity Exclusions

The following commodity categories are excluded from this contract: 

  • Precious metals
  • Computer equipment that requires State IT approval 
  • Items cost in excess of $75,000 after discount. 
  • All item for which no discount are given 
  • Items covered under other existing contracts
NOTE: Use of this contract is not mandatory. Since the contract is provided as a convenience, the 10% provision found on statewide term contracts does not apply.

Laboratory Equipment and Supplies Including Microscopes and Parts
Start Date: 03/31/2019  |  End Date: 03/31/2023
Contract#: MA16000234
Solicitation#: NASPO - RFP16000231
Vendor: VWR International
Contract#: 4400012781
Email: john.herczogh@avantorsciences.com
Address: 100 Matsonford Road, Suite 200, Radnor PA 19087-8660
Phone#: 864 735-2341
Fax#: 484-881-5697

Please copy all orders to: government@vwr.com   FEIN: 91-1319190 (please use 562445503 as the invoice partnering FEIN)

Vendor Files/Links:
VWR International Participating Addendum
Price List
Contact: John Herczogh
Contact: Todd McLean
Email: Todd.McLean@avantorsciences.com
Vendor: Fisher Scientific Company, LLC
Contract#: 4400012768
Email: david.holden@thermofisher.com
Address: 300 Industry Drive, Pittsburg, PA 15275
Phone#: 832-385-2187

Special instructions: Delivery charges will not apply to orders that are in excess of $50. Fisher Scientific will absorb normal freight charges for catalog sales and will pass through freight costs on third-party sales.

Fuel Surcharge: 
If fuel prices rise more than 25% above the current U.S. Department of Energy’s average diesel price as of the Closing Date of this RFP, the State may allow variable fuel surcharge fees to be assessed. The surcharge will be based on the U.S. Department of Energy’s average diesel price from the previous month. 

Vendor Files/Links:
Fisher Scientific Company Participating Addendum
Price List
Contact: David Holden
Vendor: Nikon Instruments, Inc.
Contract#: 4400015507
Email: niiorderscontracts@nikonnet
Address: 1300 Walt Whitman Rd, Melville NY 11747
Phone#: (631) 547-8526
Fax#: (631) 944-9370
Vendor Files/Links:
Nikon Instruments Participating Addendum
Price List
Contact: Jacquelyn L. Perry