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Hardware Maintenance Manager
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Information TechnologyStateTermLillanea Bouknight803.737.3224


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It is the intent of the State of South Carolina, Information Technology Management Office (ITMO), on behalf of all South Carolina Public Procurement Units (state agencies, higher education, local and county governments and school districts) to establish a Statewide Term Contract for Hardware Maintenance Manager (HMM) Services.  The purpose of the HMM Service is to provide management of maintenance services, at a guaranteed cost savings, for repairs and maintenance of information technology hardware and devices, medical and lab equipment, and a variety of technical, electronic and general office equipment. 

The service will provide program cost reductions, will route repair requests to appropriate service providers, and provide equipment inventory, warranty and maintenance tracking.  The HMM Service does not repair equipment directly and will not have a vested interest in any manufacturer’s equipment or repair service provider.  The HMM will work on behalf of UGUs to arrange for and manage preventive and corrective maintenance repairs and service of covered equipment, including, where possible, continuing with current service providers.  The HMM will maintain records and produce reports for the State and UGUs as requested relating to repair history, inventory and asset management purposes.  UGUs may utilize in-house repairs and receive credit for labor, materials and travel from the HMM.  The UGU shall not be accessed any fees to provide quotes for any services provided.  The HMM program shall include a profit-sharing benefit based on a total annual spend by the State in excess of one million dollars (maximum threshold) with participating UGUs receiving a percentage according to their share.      

Contract shall be for an initial term of one (1) year, from the award effective date, with up to four (4) potential, one (1) year optional renewals effective on the annual anniversary date.  The State may make up to two (2) contract awards.      

Hardware Maintenance Manager
Start Date: 12/23/2019  |  End Date: 12/22/2024
Solicitation#: 5400018885
Vendor: Electronic Risks Consultants, Inc.
Contract#: 4400023058
Vendor#: 7000102584
Email: bids@erc-corp.com
Address: 1208 US Highway 22 East, Suite 4 Phillipsburg, NJ 08865
Phone#: (908) 823-0960
Fax#: (908) 823-1060
Website: http://www.erc-corp.com
35% Off Original Maintenance Costs
$75.00 In-House Repair Hourly Rate
50% Profit Sharing
Contact: Bob Tolomeo - Sales & Marketing/Project Manager
Phone#: (866) 372-7283
Email: rtolomeo@erc-corp.com
Contact: Trisha La Conte - Engineering & Dispatch
Phone#: (888) 372-0555
Email: telefix@erc-corp.com
Contact: Neo Zambas - Contract Administration
Phone#: (866) 372-7283
Email: neo@erc-corp.com
Contact: Tammy Buck - Vendor Payments & Claims/Program Billing & Invoicing
Phone#: (866) 372-7283
Email: tbuck@erc-corp.com
Vendor: The Remi Group, LLC
Contract#: 4400023059
Vendor#: 7000277255
Address: 6325 Ardrey Kell Road, Suite 200 Charlotte, NC 28277
Phone#: (704) 887-2920
Website: https://theremigroup.com/
27% Off Original Maintenance Costs
$150.00 In-House Repair Hourly Rate
50% Profit Sharing
Contact: Kristen Childers - Contract Administrator
Phone#: 704-602-0833
Email: kchilders@theremigroup.com
Contact: Olivia Cox - General Manager
Phone#: 914-265-9163
Email: olivia.cox@theremigroup.com
Vendor: Specialty Underwriters LLC
Contract#: 4400023057
Vendor#: 7000035281
Email: stilghman@su-group.com
Address: 9667 South 20th Street Oak Creek WI 53154
Phone#: (414) 281-1100 ext 2056
Website: http://www.su-group.com
22% Off Original Maintenance Costs 
$85.00 In-House Repair Hourly Rate 
50% Profit Sharing
Contact: Deanna Davis - Contract Administration Equipment Adds, Deletes & Changes
Phone#: (800) 558-9910 x2717
Email: ddavis@su-group.com
Contact: Carrie Benning - Vendor Payments
Phone#: 800-558-9910 x2751
Email: benning@su-group.com