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Software (Citrix)
ClassificationContract TypeManagerPhone#
Information TechnologyStateTermKristen Hutto803.737.7685

This contract is for Citrix remote desktop control and server virtualization software. The scope of the contract does not include installation, implementation, training, cloud services, or consulting services. Limited consulting service vouchers can be purchased, however Citrix must perform those services.

Start Date: 04/08/2017  |  End Date: 04/07/2022
Solicitation#: 5400012328

Category Description % off SRP
A1 New Software 28%
A2 Trade-up 28%
A3 Upgrades 18%
A4 Maintenance 12%
B Software Maintenance 5%
C Citrix Consulting Services 9%


To place purchase orders for your Citrix software needs, please use the following steps:

Step 1
Using the discount schedule above and the attached SRP lists, verify quoted price(s) meet the contract rates. If you need assistance, contact Advantec Global Systems.

Step 2
Verify the details of your purchase order (PO).
  • PO must be addressed to Advantec Global Systems
  • PO must match the quote 100%. Howeve, in no event should the quoted pricing exceed the maximum contract price.
  • The amount of taxes on the PO should match what is referenced in the quote. Electronic delivered items are tax exempt.
  • Electronic delivery items should include a note that states "Electronic Delivery Only." This is a requirement on all orders that include downloaded software.
  • PO must include the corresponding quote number. 
  • PO must include a "Ship to" address even if nothing ships with the order.
If you fail to follow these instructions, POs will be returned for correction or the tax indicated on the PO will be applied to the order and any request for reimbursement of paid taxes will need to be handled through the Department of Revenue.

Step 3
Email POs to Brian Rohan (brohan@agsi.us) at Advantec Global Systems.

Step 4
Software will be provided and invoiced to agencies directly from Advantec Global Systems, therefore UGUs must identify the individual to whom the Citrix Licensing Confirmations should be sent. This individual, the Primary Licensing Contact, should be a single point of contact per department or agency, This procedure should allow UGUs to fully catalog their Citrix licenses and simplify the tracking of lost or missing orders.

The Primary Licensing Contact Information requested is as follows:
  • Primary Contact Name
  • Primary Contact Email Address
  • Primary Contact Phone Number
Software SRP List
Maintenance SRP List
Consulting SRP List
Vendor: Advantec Global Systems
Contract#: 44000015712
Vendor#: 7000139574
Address: PO Box 182, Matthews, NC 28106
Contact: Brian Rohan
Phone#: (704) 357-1450 EXT 112
Email: brohan@agsi.us
Contact: Keith Bright
Phone#: (704) 277-8324
Email: kbright@agsi.us