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Small Package Delivery Service
ClassificationContract TypeManagerPhone#
Goods & ServicesCooperativeEllicia Howard803.737.0687


This contract covers small package delivery services provided by FedEx and UPS. If you are an existing customer of either company, your account should automatically be linked to the contract rates listed on the NASPO ValuePoint website. 

Small Package Delivery Service
Start Date: 11/28/2016  |  End Date: 11/27/2021
Contract#: 4400014933
Vendor: UPS
Contract#: 4400014933
Email: grea@ups.com
Address: 12380 Morris Road, Alpharetta, GA 30005
Phone#: (678)270-8735
Website: http://SouthCarolina@ups.com
To set up a new UPS account, email SouthCarolina@ups.com or call 800-877-1497
Vendor Files/Links:
UPS Participating Addendum
Vendor: FedEx
Contract#: 4400015160
Email: rdbledsoe@fedex.com
Phone#: (901) 219-6964
Website: http://govt@fedex.com
If you need to open a new FedEx account, call 800-645-9424. Once your account is established, create a user ID and password to begin creating online shipments/labels. Go to www.fedex.com/us to complete registration.

FedEx has comprehensive training information available at www.fedex.com/us/learn
Vendor Files/Links:
Fedex Participating Addendum