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Software (SAP)
ClassificationContract TypeManagerPhone#
Information TechnologyStateTermLillanea Bouknight803.737.3224

SAP software licensing, and maintenance. 

Start Date: 03/12/2018  |  End Date: 07/27/2025
Please contact the SAP contact for product and price information and to confirm coverage under this agreement.  Software licensing and maintenance of on-premise products only are covered by the agreement, no consulting is covered.  Pricing is not published but quoted prices may be verified by sending the quote to Lillanea Bouknight, lbouknight@mmo.sc.gov or by phone at (803) 737-3224. 
Vendor: SAP Public Services
Contract#: 4400025719
Vendor#: 7000141549
Address: 39999 West Chester Pike Newton Square, PA 19073
Contact: David Wolf
Phone#: 404-281-7885
Email: david.wolf01@sap.com