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Vehicle Rental Services
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The State of South Carolina has executed Participating Addendums (PA) with both Enterprise and Hertz for the NASPO Nationwide Vehicle Rental contracts for governmental use only. The NASPO contracts provide guaranteed rates for vehicle rental services nationwide (other than box truck). Use of this contract is mandatory.

The Comprehensive and Collision coverage through the IRF can apply to rental vehicles, but the vehicle must be rented in the agency’s name and paid for by the agency. Should it be rented in the employees name, the coverage would go first to the employees insurance. When in State, the State contract through Enterprise covers the damages should the rental be in a collision. When out of state, it may be best to purchase the additional coverage or make sure that it is in the agency’s name and paid for as discussed above.


Vehicle Rental Services
Start Date: 12/01/2020  |  End Date: 05/20/2025
Solicitation#: Nationwide Car Rental
Please complete the New Account Form if you do not already have an account with Enterprise. 
Southeast Account Support Information
Vendor: Enterprise
Contract#: 4400025119

*NOTE:  South Carolina Vehicle Licensing Fee (VLF). The Contractor may change the fee amount at any time during the term of the contract. For any changes to the VLF fee within the State of South Carolina the Contractor must submit a Change Order to the contract.   Effective 6/23/2023 via an executed Change Order to the contract, the VLF was increased from $2.25 to $3.99 per day.  Effective 12/28/2023 via an executed Change Order to the contract, the VLF was decreased from $3.99 to $3.29 per day.

New and easy process for making reservations:  Updated Enterprise Price list as of September 2023 
Vendor Files/Links:
Enterprise Price List
Enterprise Participating Addendum
Enterprise New Account Form
Contact: Ryan Fox (If the Agency or Institute is based on the coast or in the low country, please contact Ryan.)
Phone#: (803)546-1713
Email: RyanFox@em.com
Contact: Jason Rials (If the Agency or Institute is based in the Midlands or Upstate, please contact Jason.)
Phone#: (803)261-0158
Email: Jason.Rials@em.com
Contact: Southeast Account Support (Additional Resource)
Phone#: (833)369-1092
Email: SoutheastAccountSupport@em.com
Vendor: Hertz
Contract#: 4400025041

Before using the Hertz Rental Car contract, we are asking that you request Hertz to provide your organization an agency specific discount code by contacting Nadika Perera at Nadika.perera@hertz.com. It only takes a moment and only has to be done one time.  The agency code will identify your specific use of the contract in their quarterly reporting to our business operations office, which helps us monitor the use of our contracts.

Vendor Files/Links:
Hertz Participating Addendum
Contact: Nadika Perera
Phone#: (239)301-7635
Email: Nadika.perera@hertz.com