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Vehicle Rental Services
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Goods & ServicesCooperativeEllicia Howard803.737.0687


The State of South Carolina has executed Participating Addendums (PA) with both Enterprise and Hertz for the NASPO Nationwide Vehicle Rental contracts. The NASPO contracts provide guaranteed rates for vehicle rental services nationwide (other than box truck).


Vehicle Rental Services
Start Date: 12/01/2020  |  End Date: 05/20/2025
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Vendor: Enterprise
Contract#: 4400025119
Email: Michael.B.McCown@ehi.com
Phone#: (803) 318-2150
*NOTE:  South Carolina Vehicle Licensing Fee (VLF). The Contractor may change the fee amount at any time during the term of the contract. For any changes to the VLF fee within the State of South Carolina the Contractor must submit a Change Order to the contract. The VLF fee in the State of South Carolina at the initiation of the contract is $3.99.
Vendor Files/Links:
Enterprise Price List
Enterprise Participating Addendum
Enterprise New Account Form
Contact: Michael McCown
Vendor: Hertz
Contract#: 4400025041
Email: Nadika.perera@hertz.com
Phone#: (239) 301-7635
Vendor Files/Links:
Hertz Participating Addendum
Hertz Price List
Contact: Nadika Perera