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One Card Identification Systems
ClassificationContract TypeManagerPhone#
Information TechnologyStateTermKristen Hutto803.737.7685

These contracts are for "one card" systems that allow the use of a single identification (ID) card to interface with a variety of hardware and software platforms. The one card system includes all necessary hardware, software, and consumables to provide ID cards that can provide fully integrated services to include, but not limited to, the following functional areas:
  • Campus ID
  • Activity access and monitoring (i.e. recreation, athletic)
  • Card holder self-service, including web-based deposit capability
  • Copy machine purchases
  • Door entry to on campus housing, labs, classrooms
  • Food services / meal plans
  • Laundry services
  • Library book check out and fee payment
  • Parking
  • Prepaid services and credit accounts
  • Print control software and hardware
  • Reporting
  • Snack and beverage vending
  • Student tracking
  • Off-campus merchant support

One Card Identification Systems
Start Date: 07/06/2016  |  End Date: 07/05/2022
Solicitation#: 5400010904

An independent software licensing agreement has already been entered between the State and each applicable Licensor. An Enrollment Agreement for South Carolina Public Entities must be signed by each UGU wishing to be a Participant. UGUs are required to complete the applicable enrollment agreement(s), have an authorized party of the Licensor sign, and have an authorized party of the UGU countersign. A copy of the fully executed enrollment agreement should be sent to the Licensor, UGU, and Contractor and retained for the duration of Software use. Contact the Procurement Officer to review the full agreement.
Vendor: Bridgeway Solutions Inc
Contract#: 4400013346
Vendor#: 7000109950
Address: 600 East Union St., Morganton, NC 28655

Software 12.5% off List Price
Hardware 12.5% off List Price
Software Maintenance 10% off List Price
Hardware Maintenance 10% off List Price
Installation (per hour) $125
Training (per 8 hour session) $1000
Contact: David Lee (VP & General Manager)
Phone#: 828-604-4926
Email: davidl@bridgewayid.com
Contact: Marcia Rhodes (Customer Support Manager)
Phone#: 828-604-4933
Email: marciar@bridgewayid.com
Contact: Dana Hallyburton - Controller
Phone#: (828) 604-4944
Email: danah@bridgewayid.com
Vendor: Smiths Addressing Machine Services Inc
Contract#: 4400013326
Vendor#: 7000024862
Address: 151 Technology Drive, Garner, NC 27529

Software 20% off List Price
Hardware 10% off List Price
Software Maintenance 20% off List Price
Hardware Maintenance 10% off List Price
Installation (per hour) $85
Training (per 8 hour session $680
Contact: Travis Smith (Director of Sales)
Phone#: 855-347-9494
Email: traviss@sams1.com
Contact: Vicky Benton (Technical Support)
Phone#: 855-347-9494
Email: vickie.benton@sams1.com
Vendor: The CBORD Group Inc.
Contract#: 4400013327
Vendor#: 7000035737
Address: 950 Danby Road, Suite. 100C, Ithaca, NY 14850

Software 10% off List Price
Hardware 10% off List Price
Installation (per hour) $150
Training (per 8 hour session) $1,195
Contact: Ken Honeycutt (Regional Account Manager)
Phone#: 828-654-9360
Email: kwh@cbord.com
Contact: Mike Gray (Client Development Group)
Phone#: 607-330-7536
Email: mdg@cbord.com
Contact: Technical Support
Phone#: 7-844-GO-CBORD