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Pedestrian Push Button Station Assemblies and Signs
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Goods & ServicesStateTermDeAna Reed-Sharpe803.896.6389


The purpose of this solicitation is to establish a source of supply for the purchase of Pedestrian Signal Heads with LED modules and associated mounting hardware and supplies. The resulting contract will be used by all State Agencies and local public procurement units within the geographical limits of the State of South Carolina.

Pedestrian Push Button Station Assemblies and Signs
Start Date: 05/18/2018  |  End Date: 10/07/2023
Solicitation#: 5400014971

NOTE:  Due to the extreme circumstances surrounding the ongoing effects of the COVID-19 pandemic on all supply chains, it was not possible for the State and the Contractor to come to a mutually agreeable solution for a price adjustment on this contract. 

Therefore, the Contract is amended as follows.

  1. All references to the Contractor’s pricing will be changed to “To be determined at the time of order.”
  2. All references to delivery will be changed to “To be determined at the time of order.”
  3. The requesting entity will request a quote from ALL suppliers on contract.
  4. When a quote request is received by the Contractor they will:
    1. Check availability of the product(s) to fulfill the purchase order. If products are not available, or the manufacturer will not accept the order, the Contactor will immediately notify the requesting entity that a PO cannot be accepted. If possible, the Contractor will provide an estimated date when products may be available. If products are available, proceed to the next step.
    2. Secure pricing from the manufacturer for all items on the request for quote to include F.O.B destination shipping to the address identified on the quote request. Pricing must remain fixed through delivery and acceptance to the entity processing the resulting purchase order and may not be changed after acceptance of the purchase order unless there is a change to the purchase order by the requesting entity.
    3. The requesting entity will approve or reject the quote provided for the purchase order. If the quote is rejected, the process is concluded. If the quote is approved, the requesting entity will process a purchase order as “Price is reasonable” and return the PO to the Contractor for processing.
    4. The Contractor is responsible for maintaining an open line of communication with the requesting entity with the current status of the order and will immediately inform the requesting entity of any changes to the delivery expectations of the purchase order.  


Vendor: JQ&G Inc. Company
Contract#: 4400018372
Vendor#: 7000234139
Email: jqgiii@outlook.com
Address: 3451 Brandon Avenue SW Roanoke VA 24018
Phone#: (540) 588-7625
Fax#: (540) 685-2354
Contact: Paul Omiyo
Phone#: 540-588-7625
Email: pomiyo@jqginc.com
Vendor: WM Roebuck Inc.
Contract#: 4400018371
Vendor#: 7000077122
Email: wmroebuckincpr@gmail.com
Address: 4850 Fish Hatchery Road Lexington SC 29073
Phone#: (803) 755-6010
Fax#: (803) 755-6099
Contact: Pierre Rambharose
Phone#: (803) 261-1583
Email: wmroebuckincpr@gmail.com