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Network Hardware and Firewall (Barracuda)
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Information TechnologyStateTermCarol A. Norfleet803.737.3224


Intended for Barracuda network and firewall equipment and services as listed herein and in accordance with all requirements stated herein. The offeror must possess a Premier or Preferred Barracuda Partner Certification. 

This contract contains products and services that are eligible for E-Rate funding.

This contract contains products and services that are eligible for E-Rate funding. Not all products and services on this contract are eligible for E-Rate funding. Schools and libraries interested in using this contract for E-Rate purposes should consult with the Eligible Services List to determine if a product or service on this contract is eligible for E-Rate funding or not. For a current list of E-Rate eligible products and services, please visit https://www.usac.org/e-rate/applicant-process/before-you-begin/eligible-services-list/.

Only eligible South Carolina school district, charter school and library UGUs (applicants) are allowed to use this contract for the purposes of applying for E-Rate program funding.

E-Rate rules require applicants to conduct a mini-bid if multiple vendors appear on this contract. To conduct a mini-bid, applicants must submit a request for pricing to all awarded vendors on this contract. There is no bid evaluation time requirement for mini-bids, however, it is recommended that applicants consider the complexity of the mini-bid scope of work when establishing a mini-bid submission deadline. For more information on conducting a mini-bid, please visit https://www.usac.org/e-rate/applicant-process/selecting-service-providers/state-master-contracts/.

This contract may contain other E-Rate specific language such as the National Supply Chain Security, Red Light Rules, and Service Provider Identification Number (SPIN) certification

Start Date: 10/24/2016  |  End Date: 10/23/2021
Solicitation#: 5400011873
Network Hardware and Firewall (Barracuda) Contract Pricing
Vendor: Bridgetek Solutions LLC
Contract#: 4400014299
Vendor#: 7000207039
Email: sales@bridgeteksolutions.com
Address: PO Box 27141 Greenville SC 29616
Phone#: 864-214-0221 ext 1
Fax#: 864-214-0221
Website: http://www.bridgeteksolutions.com
Contact: John Semberger
Phone#: 864-214-0221
Email: jsemberger@bridgeteksolutions.com
Vendor: Carolina Advanced Digital Inc.
Contract#: 4400014296
Vendor#: 7000049733
Email: susan@cadinc.com
Address: 1010 High House Road Suite 300 Cary NC 27513
Phone#: 919-460-1313 ext 102
Fax#: 919-460-1314
Website: http://www.cadinc.com
Contact: Susan Jabbusch
Phone#: 919-460-1313 ext 102
Email: susan@cadinc.com
Vendor: Data Network Solutions Inc.
Contract#: 4400014556
Vendor#: 7000035473
Email: orders@datanetworksolutions.com
Address: 629 Lake Tide Drive Chapin SC 29036
Phone#: 803-932-9915
Fax#: 803-932-9914
Website: http://www.datanetworksolutions.com
Contact: Fred Reavis
Phone#: 803-932-9915
Email: fred.reavis@dnscoinc.com
Vendor: Encore Technology Group LLC
Contract#: 4400014298
Vendor#: 7000195727
Address: 141 Grace Drive
Phone#: 888-983-6267
Website: http://www.encoretg.com
Contact: Russell Young
Phone#: 864-307-0763
Email: ryoung@encoretg.com
Vendor: Howard Technology Solutions
Contract#: 4400014295
Vendor#: 7000034207
Email: bids@howardcomputers.com
Address: PO Box 1590 Laurel MS 39441
Phone#: 601-425-3181
Fax#: 601-399-5077
Website: http://www.howardcomputers.com
Contact: Yareasia Ellis
Phone#: 888-912-3151
Email: bids@howardcomputers.com
Vendor: NetSource ET LLC
Contract#: 4400014297
Vendor#: 7000155915
Address: 156 Langsdale Road Columbia SC 29212
Phone#: 803-216-4149
Website: http://www.netsource-et.com
Contact: George Lusk
Phone#: 803-960-6986
Email: glusk@netsourcek12.com