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Vehicles Lifts
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Goods & ServicesCooperativeEllicia Howard803.737.0687

NASPO  master contract 0316 for vehicle lifts and garage associated equipment.

Vehicle Lifts and Garage Associated Equipment
Start Date: 03/31/2017  |  End Date: 02/09/2022
Contract#: Multi Contracts
Vendor: Mohawk Lifts LLC
Contract#: 4400025448
Email: contracts@mohawklifts.com
Address: PO Box 110, Amsterdam, NY 12010
Phone#: (800) 833-2006
Website: http://www.govlifts.com/sc
Vendor Files/Links:
Mohawk Lifts Participating Addendum
Price List
Contact: Steve Perlstein
Phone#: 800-833-2006
Vendor: Snap-on Industrial
Contract#: 4400015734
Email: robert.l.draper@snapon.com
Address: 2801 80th Street, Kenosha, WI 53143
Phone#: 985-807-3111
Fax#: 425-984-9041
Website: https://b2b.snapon.com/
Vendor Files/Links:
Snap-On Participating Addendum
Price List
Contact: Bobby Draper
Vendor: Stertil-Koni
Contract#: 4400015740
Email: kellie@stertil-koni.com
Address: 200 Log Canoe Circle, Stevensville, MD 21666
Phone#: (410) 643-4434
Vendor Files/Links:
Stertil-Koni Participating Addendum
Price List
Vendor: Vehicle Service Group
Contract#: 4400015978
Email: bilz@rotarylift.com
Address: 2700 Lanier Drive, Madison, IN 47250
Phone#: 800-445-5438 Ext 5655
Vendor Files/Links:
Vehicle Services Group Participating Addendum
Price List