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Security Software Products & Services (Fortinet Products & Services)
ClassificationContract TypeManagerPhone#
Information TechnologyStateTermStephen Taylor803.737.2772


The scope of these contracts includes Fortinet software, hardware, and services related to the current approved offerings outlined in Section III of the solicitation and the associated support and professional services as described therein.

Fortinet Products & Services
Start Date: 06/25/2019  |  End Date: 06/24/2024
Solicitation#: 5400017961
The State has reviewed the above-linked product catalog to ensure all products and services included align with the in-scope parameters and exclusions provided in the solicitation. However, inadvertent inclusion of an out-ofscope product or service on any published SRP product list should not be considered an alteration of the contract’s scope. If a mistake is discovered, Contractors and UGUs should notify the assigned OSP Procurement Manager immediately.


An independent software licensing agreement has already been entered between the State and the Licensor, Fortinet, Inc., on behalf of South Carolina Governmental Bodies (as defined by S.C. Code Ann. § 11-35-310(18), as amended) that governs the rights to use the Software. Contact the Procurement Officer to review the full agreement.

An Enrollment Agreement for South Carolina Public Entities must be signed by each South Carolina Public Procurement Unit (as defined by S.C. Code Ann. § 11-35-4610(5), as amended) or Exempted Entity (S.C. Code Ann. § 11-35-710, as amended) wishing to be a Participant. Public Procurement Units and Exempted Entities should complete the enrollment agreement, have an authorized party of the Contractor sign, and have an authorized party of the Public Procurement Unit or Exempted Entity countersign. A copy of the fully executed enrollment agreement should be sent to the Contractor and retained in your records for the duration of your Software use.
Price List
Vendor: Acumen IT LLC
Contract#: 4400021709
Vendor#: 7000040240
Email: chris.jones@acumenit.com
Address: 1 Distribution Court, Greer, SC 29650
Phone#: 864-363-4382
Contact: Chris Jones
Phone#: (864) 363-4382
Email: chris.jones@acumenit.com
Vendor: Aurora Systems Consulting Inc.
Contract#: 4400032570
Vendor#: 7000336616
Email: dgrillo@atrioncomm.com
Address: 185 Industrial Parkway, Suite I, Branchburg, NJ 08876
Phone#: 908-203-6567
Contact: Rich Dietz
Phone#: (908) 203-6567
Email: rdietz@atrioncomm.com
Vendor: Layer 3 Communications LLC
Contract#: 4400021721
Vendor#: 7000259147
Email: rwoodard@layer3.com
Address: 1450 Oakbrook Drive, Suite 900, Norcross, GA 30093
Phone#: 803-466-0902
Contact: Robby Woodard
Phone#: (803) 466-0902
Email: rwoodard@layer3com.com
Vendor: Spartantec Inc.
Contract#: 4400021723
Vendor#: 7000048666
Email: lcarter@spartantec.com
Address: 1801 Highway 9, Longs, SC 29568
Phone#: 843-418-4792
Contact: Lisa Carter
Phone#: (843) 418-4792
Email: lcarter@spartantec.com