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Security Software Products & Services (IBM Security Software)
ClassificationContract TypeManagerPhone#
Information TechnologyStateTermStephen Taylor803.737.2772

This contract is for IBM Security One Time Charge (OTC) software, associated appliances, Subscription & Support (S&S) related to the current approved product offerings outlined in Section III of the Solicitation and associated professional services as described therein.  Note: HCL Technologies Limited (HCL) acquired the in-scope AppScan and BigFix product lines from IBM Corporation (IBM). Pursuant to an executed agreement for the adoption of the Software Licensing Agreement between IBM and the State executed by HCL and the State on February 7, 2019 and Change Order 2, the AppScan and BigFix product lines are still available under this contract. 

IBM Security Software
Start Date: 04/24/2019  |  End Date: 04/23/2024
Solicitation#: 5400017503
Agencies subject to the requirements of S.C. Act No. 264, Part 1B, Section 117.119 must obtain written approval from the Department of Administration, Division of Technology, Division of Information Security prior to making any purchases under this contract.
Category Description Contract Discount 
A Initial License and S&S 36.10%
B Renewal of S&S 26.20%
C OEM Training & Professional Services 8.50%


Contractor may provide onsite installation, consulting (including deployment assistance, change management, and optimization services), and training services utilizing any combination of the resource types below related to an in-scope product offering. All travel, meals, lodging, and any other expenses incurred for performance of work under this contract are included in the hourly rates below. No travel expenses should be reimbursed separately.

All Statements of Work (SOW) for professional services under this contract must be approved in writing by the assigned SFAA OSP Procurement Manager. After executed by all parties (Contractor, UGU, and SFAA OSP Procurement Manager), UGU should attach the SOW to their purchase order to incorporate into contract.
Resource Type Minimum Education / Experience Requirements Contractor Resource -
Hourly Rate
OEM Resource
(as Subcontractor) -
Hourly Rate
Consultant I Bachelor’s Degree with one year of relevant experience or three years relevant experience $295.00 N/A
Consultant II Bachelor’s Degree with three years of relevant experience or five years relevant experience $283.06 $366.00
Consultant III Bachelor’s Degree with five years of relevant experience or eight years relevant experience $305.49 $395.00
Consultant IV Bachelor’s Degree with eight years relevant experience or ten years relevant experience $349.58 $452.00
Consultant V Bachelor’s Degree with ten years relevant experience or fifteen years relevant experience $393.66 $509.00
Independent software licensing agreements have already been entered between the State and the Licensors on behalf of South Carolina Governmental Bodies (as defined by S.C. Code Ann. § 11-35-310(18), as amended) that governs the rights to use the Software. Contact the Procurement Officer to review the full agreements. An Enrollment Agreement for South Carolina Public Entities must be signed by each South Carolina Public Procurement Unit (as defined by S.C. Code Ann. § 11-35-4610(5), as amended) or Exempted Entity (S.C. Code Ann. § 11-35-710, as amended) wishing to be a Participant. Contractor must ensure that Public Procurement Units and Exempted Entities complete the applicable enrollment agreement(s), have an authorized party of the Licensor sign, and have an authorized party of the Public Procurement Unit or Exempted Entity countersign. A copy of the fully executed enrollment agreement should be sent to the Licensor, UGU, and Contractor and retained for the duration of Software use.

IBM Enrollment Agreement
HCL Enrollment Agreement
Vendor: Mainline Information Systems Inc.
Contract#: 4400021320
Vendor#: 7000088836
Email: gregg.fulmer@mainline.com
Address: 1700 Summit Lake Drive, Tallahassee, FL 32317
Phone#: 803-575-0019
Contact: Gregg Fulmer
Phone#: (803) 575-0019
Email: gregg.fulmer@mainline.com