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Security Software Products & Services (Cisco)
ClassificationContract TypeManagerPhone#
Information TechnologyStateTermCarol A. Norfleet803.737.3224


These contracts will expire upon the effective date of new contract awards made under Solicitation, 5400021841.  The new contract will cover Cisco Network and Firewall Products and Services available on 5400012227 contracts, as well as Cisco Cloud and Software as a Service Products and Services currently under solicitation 5400018644.   Contracts awarded under 5400018644 will expire upon the effective date of the new contracts so that these products are available and combined under one contract.   

This contract contains products and services that are eligible for E-Rate funding.

This contract contains products and services that are eligible for E-Rate funding. Not all products and services on this contract are eligible for E-Rate funding. Schools and libraries interested in using this contract for E-Rate purposes should consult with the Eligible Services List to determine if a product or service on this contract is eligible for E-Rate funding or not. For a current list of E-Rate eligible products and services, please visit https://www.usac.org/e-rate/applicant-process/before-you-begin/eligible-services-list/.

Only eligible South Carolina school district, charter school and library UGUs (applicants) are allowed to use this contract for the purposes of applying for E-Rate program funding.

E-Rate rules require applicants to conduct a mini-bid if multiple vendors appear on this contract. To conduct a mini-bid, applicants must submit a request for pricing to all awarded vendors on this contract. There is no bid evaluation time requirement for mini-bids, however, it is recommended that applicants consider the complexity of the mini-bid scope of work when establishing a mini-bid submission deadline. For more information on conducting a mini-bid, please visit https://www.usac.org/e-rate/applicant-process/selecting-service-providers/state-master-contracts/.

This contract may contain other E-Rate specific language such as the National Supply Chain Security, Red Light Rules, and Service Provider Identification Number (SPIN) certification

Cisco Software
Start Date: 10/05/2019  |  End Date: 10/04/2024
Solicitation#: 5400018644
PLEASE NOTE – On the Product/Price List, the “Find SKU Tab” will show the contract associated with the SKU number entered. This is a new feature on the “Find SKU Tab” because the Cisco Network and Firewall Product Contract and this contract for Cisco Cloud and SaaS products have been incorporated into one Product/Price List. Please review the applicable SPO Contract Page for additional information specific to the contract you are shopping.
Discount: Network Products are discounted a minimum of 37%, installation and maintenance at least 10%. Discount is listed by vendor below. Discount may be higher based on volume.
Approved Product Groups
Cisco Pricelist June 2021
Vendor: Bridgetek Solutions, LLC
Contract#: 4400022396
Vendor#: 7000207039
Email: tclinton@bridgeteksolutions.com
Address: 744 East Stone Ave Piedmont, SC 29673
Phone#: 864-214-0221, Ext 1
Fax#: 864-214-0221
Product: 38%
Support: 10%
Basic DII Work: $50
Expanded DII Work: $500.00
Contact: Tom Clinton
Vendor: DISYS Solutions Inc.
Contract#: 4400022394
Email: bidsdistribution@dsitech.com
Address: 44670 Cape Court, Suite 100 Ashburn, VA 20147
Phone#: (888) 286-3896
Fax#: (800) 601-2944
Product: 38% 
Support: 12% 
Basic DII Work: $175/Hr 
Expanded DII Work: $250/Hr
Vendor: Data Network Solutions, Inc.
Contract#: 4400022390
Vendor#: 7000035473
Email: orders@datanetworksolutions.com
Address: 629 Lake Tide Drive Chapin, SC 29036
Phone#: (803) 932-9915
Fax#: (803) 932-9914
Product: 37% 
Support: 10% 
Basic DII Work: $225.00 
Expanded DII Work: $225.00 
Contact: Fred Reavis
Vendor: GTS Solutions, LLC
Contract#: 4400022395
Vendor#: 7000195189
Email: jbooth@gogtss.com
Address: P.O. Box 727 Chapin, SC 29036
Phone#: (803) 298-3008
Product: 37% 
Support: 10 % 
Basic DII Work: $50 
Expanded DII Work: $500
Contact: Julianna Booth
Vendor: Internetwork Engineering
Contract#: 4400022391
Email: rjenkins@ineteng.com
Address: 13777 Ballantyne Corp Place, Suite 305 Charlotte, NC 28277
Phone#: 704-540-5800
Product 37% 
Support 10% 
Basic DII Work $50/bucket price / $205/Hr 
Expanded DII Work $500 bucket price / $205/Hr
Contact: Ryan Jenkins
Vendor: eGroup Holding Company, LLC
Contract#: 4400026250
Vendor#: 7000208493
Email: jeff.thomas@egroup-us.com
Address: PO Box 38, Mount Pleasant, SC 29465
Phone#: (843) 737-9005
Product: 37% 
Support: 10% 
Basic DII Work: $225/Hr 
Expanded DII Work: $225/Hr
Contact: Jeff Thomas