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Security Software Products & Services (Duo Multi-factor Authentication)
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For DUO Multi - Factor Authentication, to establish a Statewide Term Contract for all government bodies, as defined by SC Code of Laws §11-35-310(18), and political subdivisions, as defined by SC Code of Laws §11-35-310(23), are eligible to utilize the contract. However, agencies subject to S.C. Act No. 264, Part 1B, Section 117.119, or its annual successor proviso, must first obtain written approval from the Division of Technology. Contractor shall not fulfill orders without first receiving evidence of this written approval.

Duo Multi-factor Authentication
Start Date: 09/25/2019  |  End Date: 09/24/2024
Contract#: 4400022169
Solicitation#: 5400018082
Duo Multi-factor Authentication Price List
Vendor: eGroup Holding Company LLC
Contract#: 4400022169
Vendor#: 7000208493
Email: insidesales@egroup-us.com
Address: PO Box 38 Mount Pleasant SC 29465
Phone#: 843-284-0146
Fax#: 843-284-0150
Website: http://egroup-us.com
Contact: eGroup Holding Company LLC
Phone#: 843-284-0146
Email: insidesales@eGroup-us.com