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PCs, Servers, Storage, Peripherals (Pure Storage Inc.)
ClassificationContract TypeManagerPhone#
Information TechnologyCooperativeYolanda Cohen803.737.9854

Pure Storage - Storage and Peripherals.

Any and all leasing will be through the State Term Contract for IT Equipment Leasing with Presidio Technology Capital, LLC unless another contract is awarded:
Link to IT Equipment Leasing Contract Sheet

Important Note: Please review the SC Participating Addendum (PA) prior to purchase as it lists exclusions to each individual vendor's contract. At a minimum no vendor is allowed to sell: instructional packages; AV equipment; whiteboards; any item for which there is a state term contract; software, software maintenance, subscriptions or downloads (except operating software with initial purchase of equipment).

Pure Storage Inc.
Start Date: 11/01/2023  |  End Date: 10/31/2028
Contract#: 4400032672
Solicitation#: Master Agreement# 23020
Pure Storage Inc. Storage and Peripherals

Pure Storage Inc. does not accept direct orders. Orders must be made through authorized Pure Storage Inc. resellers who have been awarded contracts by ITMO. See list of authorizes resellers below. 
NASPO Master Agreement
SC Participating Addendum
Pure Storage Price List
Vendor: Pure Storage Inc
Contract#: 4400032672
Vendor#: 7000229248
Address: 650 Castro St, Ste 400, Mountain View, CA 94041
Phone#: 301.717.9968
Vendor: CDW Government LLC
Contract#: 4400033147
Vendor#: 7000033346
Address: 2001 Edmund Halley Drive Suite 500 Reston VA 20191
Phone#: 703-621-8425
Contact: Nelson Narciso - Account Executive
Phone#: 312-547-3387
Email: Nelsnar@cdw.com
Vendor: eGroup Holding Company LLC
Contract#: 4400033149
Vendor#: 7000208493
Email: insidesales@egroup-us.com
Address: PO Box 38 Mount Pleasant SC 29465
Phone#: 843-737-9006
Fax#: 843-284-0150
Website: http://egroup-us.com
Contact: Ben Gaddy - Principal - Operations
Phone#: 843-737-9006
Email: insidesales@egroup-us.com
Vendor: Insight Public Sector Inc.
Contract#: 4400033160
Vendor#: 7000024083
Email: erica.falchetti@insight.com
Address: 6820 South Harl Avenue Tempe AZ 85283
Phone#: 480-333-3071
Website: http://www.ips.insight.com/
Contact: Kelly Riedel - Account Executive
Phone#: 480-333-3071
Email: molly.harper@insight.com
Vendor: Internetwork Services Inc. DBA Internetwork Engineering
Contract#: 4400033161
Vendor#: 7000038108
Email: corporateservices@ineteng.com
Address: 13777 Ballantyne Corp Place Suite 305 Charlotte NC 28277
Phone#: 704-540-5800
Fax#: 704-541-0059
Website: http://www.ineteng.com
Contact: Jody Gordon - Vice President of Sales, SLED & Energy
Phone#: 704-943-9848
Email: sales@ineteng.com
Vendor: Presidio Networked Solutions LLC
Contract#: 4400033162
Vendor#: 7000175727
Email: dlsouthcarsales@presidio.com
Address: 801 Silverpoint Road Chapin SC 29036
Phone#: 812-350-0808
Website: http://www.presidio.com
Contact: Jackie Arnett - Contracts Director
Phone#: 812-350-0808
Email: dlsouthcarsales@presidio.com
Vendor: SHI International Corp
Contract#: 4400033163
Vendor#: 7000339906
Email: southeastteam@shi.com
Address: PO Box 952121 Dallas TX 75395-2121
Phone#: 888-764-8888
Website: http://www.publicsector.shidirect.com/
Contact: Tim Smith
Phone#: 803-212-8717
Email: timothy_smith@shi.com
Contact: Orlinda Rose - Higher Education Account Executive
Phone#: 770-906-1711
Email: orlinda_rose@shi.com
Contact: Willie Ivery - K-12 Account Executive
Phone#: 404-729-0281
Email: willie_ivery@shi.com
Contact: Jennifer Huseth - Inside Sales Team Manager
Phone#: 732-868-6286
Email: jennifer_huseth@shi.com
Contact: Nick Grappone - Public Sector Contracts Specialist
Phone#: 732-564-8189
Email: nick_grappone@shi.com
Vendor: BlueAlly Technology Solutions
Contract#: 4400033164
Vendor#: 7000233491
Phone#: 864-276-5866
Contact: Donlei Mullinax - Account Executive
Phone#: 864-276-5866
Email: dmullinax@blueally.com
Vendor: Data Network Solutions, Inc
Contract#: 4400033165
Vendor#: 7000035473
Phone#: 803-932-9915
Contact: Kin Wong - Account Executive
Phone#: 803-932-9915
Email: kwong@datanetworksolutions.com