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PCs, Servers, Storage, Peripherals (Microsoft Corporation)
ClassificationContract TypeManagerPhone#
Information TechnologyCooperativeWill Butler803.737.9854

For the purchase of Microsoft laptops, tablets, and peripherals.

In accordance with 2017 S.C. Act No. 97, Part 1B, Section 117.121, and through the established governance processes, has defined standards for End User Computing Devices (desktops and laptops).  Pricing for these standards were solicited from all state term contract holders. Dell, Lenovo, and Panasonic provided the lowest pricing for the standards.  Agencies subject to the Act (“Agencies”) must place orders with one of these three suppliers.  Public Procurement Units (including Higher Educational Institutions and political subdivisions) not covered under the Act may choose to comply with the standards, but are not required, and can place orders for these items with any contractor.  Agencies desiring to purchase alternative product(s) from the standard must go through the established exception process.  For information regarding the exception process, please contact your Agency Relationship Manager or email the Program Management Office at pmo@admin.sc.gov.

Any and all leasing will be through the State Term Contract for IT Equipment Leasing with Presidio Technology Capital, LLC:
Link to IT Equipment Leasing Contract Sheet

Important Note: Please review the SC Participating Addendum (PA) prior to purchase as it lists exclusions to each individual vendor's contract. At a minimum no vendor is allowed to sell: instructional packages; AV equipment; whiteboards; any item for which there is a state term contract; software, software maintenance, subscriptions or downloads (except operating software with initial purchase of equipment).

Microsoft Corporation
Start Date: 09/11/2015  |  End Date: 07/31/2023
Solicitation#: MNWNC-119
Microsoft Master Agreement
Microsoft SC Participating Addendum
Microsoft Price Link
Vendor: Microsoft Corporation
Contract#: 4400011340
Vendor#: 7000031054
Contact: Microsoft NASPO Team
Phone#: 425-421-1501
Email: mailto:naspodir@microsoft.com
Vendor: Applied Data Technologies
Contract#: 4400030977
Vendor#: 7000035423
Address: 8515 Crown Crescent Court, Charlotte, NC 28227
Fax#: 704-847-3077
E-Rate SPIN: 143031362
Contact: Terri Barnes - Sales
Phone#: 803.417.4627
Email: Terri.Barnes@applieddatatech.com
Vendor: CDW Government LLC
Contract#: 4400017309
Vendor#: 7000033346
Contact: Joe Goodwin - Sales Manager
Phone#: 877.325.2919
Email: joegoo@cdw.com
Contact: Leslie Smith - Field Account Manager
Phone#: 919.667.4821
Email: leslie.smith@cdwg.com
Vendor: GovConnection Inc
Contract#: 4400017310
Vendor#: 7000045035
Contact: Dawna Furniss
Phone#: 800-800-0019 ext 34277
Email: dawna.furniss@connection.com
Vendor: Insight Public Sector Inc
Contract#: 4400011348
Vendor#: 7000024083
Contact: Trinity Dunn
Phone#: 800-467-4448 ext 3131
Email: trinity.dunn@insight.com
Vendor: Microsoft (SouthPark Mall) Retail Store
Contract#: 4400011937
Vendor#: 7000113076
Contact: Nick Miller
Phone#: 704-796-4375
Email: nick.miller@microsoft.com
Vendor: PCMG Inc.
Contract#: 4400011380
Vendor#: 7000046517
Contact: Jishnu Banerjee
Phone#: 800-625-5468 ext 38334
Email: jishnu.banerjee@pcmg.com
Vendor: SHI International Corp
Contract#: 4400029626
Vendor#: 7000178284
Contact: Timothy Smith
Phone#: 803-212-8717
Email: timothy_smith@shi.com
Vendor: Softchoice Corporation
Contract#: 4400011381
Vendor#: 7000116817
Contact: Matthew Silver
Phone#: 312-655-9002 x 323230
Email: matthew.silver@softchoice.com
Vendor: Southern Computer Warehouse
Contract#: 4400017312
Vendor#: 7000040736
Contact: Rick Sed
Phone#: 919-623-0301
Email: richard.sed@scw.com