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Water Activated Pothole Patching
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It is the intent of the State Procurement Office, to solicit offers and establish statewide contracts for providing water activated flexible pot-hole patch materials for the SC Department of Transportation (SCDOT), and all other using governmental units throughout South Carolina. Product shall be packaged in buckets or bags and must meet all of the requirements contained herein and be delivered to the various maintenance locations in each SCDOT district listed in Attachment #1, or to the location listed on a purchase order used by any other governmental unit. Work shall consist of furnishing a flexible water activated patching material that may be used “as-is” in any ambient temperature conditions typical to South Carolina for road maintenance patching operations. The product shall be used for pothole repairs, and will gain its strength and permanent shape by adding water to the patch material.

Water Activated Pothole Patching
Start Date: 12/22/2019  |  End Date: 12/21/2022
Solicitation#: 5400018089
Both vendors on contract, Fortiline, Inc. & PMG SM NC LLC (formerly known as SealMaster), offer the Aquaphalt brand of pothole patching material. Aquaphalt is an approved patching material manufacturer per South Carolina Department of Transportation. No substitutions may be made. All items shall be delivered no later than thirty days after contractor's receipt of the purchase order. If the using governmental unit requests delivery sooner than the time specified, contractor may invoice the order
Vendor: Fortiline, Inc.
Contract#: 4400022240
Vendor#: 7000013823
Address: 120 N. Shore Crest Rd. Columbia, SC. 29209


Product Packaging


Weight per Bag or Bucket (lbs.)


Number of Bags/Buckets per Pallet






Statewide Pricing for D1, D2, D3 & D4 Patching Material

Approved new pricing for D1, D2, D3 & D4 Patching Material

1 – 10 Pallets

$ 1,195.00

$ 1,303.75

11 – 20 Pallets

$ 1,158.00

$ 1,263.38

21 Pallets

$ 1,116.00

$ 1,217.56


Contact: Troy Fite
Phone#: 803-767-7744
Email: Troy.Fite@fortiline.com
Contract#: 4400026523
Vendor#: 7000298549
Address: 703 Decatur Street, Madison, North Carolina 27025
Phone#: (336)548-3250
Fax#: (336)548-3245

This contract replaced the Sealmaster contract due to a Novation Agreement on 6/27/2021.