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Drug & Alcohol Testing and Background Screening
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Goods & ServicesStateTermMichael S. Speakmon803.737.9816



Use by state governmental bodies (as defined in Section 11-35-310(18)), which includes most state agencies, is mandatory except under limited circumstances, as provided in Section 11-35- 310(35). Political subdivisions and municipalities are encouraged to use these contracts but are not required.


Instructions for Using This Contract


Complete the AOS-Account Setup form. Email the completed form to the above email address and AOS will contact you to create an account. They will then initiate a response directly with the contact provided on the form. From there AOS can begin to build and structure the account within their system per the contacts specifications and needs. Accounts can take anywhere from 3-5 business days to set up, based on specifications for testing, and then an additional 5-7 business days if supplies are to be ordered and sent.


Implementation may take between 1 week to 6 weeks or more depending on the complexity of the Agency.

Drug & Alcohol Testing and Background Screening
Start Date: 02/27/2017  |  End Date: 02/26/2022
Contract#: 4400020240
Solicitation#: 5400012124
Vendor: applya Occupational Strategies, LLC.
Contract#: 4400020240
Vendor#: 7000267369
Address: 131 Falls Street Suite 301, Greenville, SC 29601
Phone#: 864-990-3696 ext 101
Vendor Files/Links:
Lot 1 - Urine Drug Testing Panels Price List
Lot 2 - Breath Alcohol Testing Price List
Lot 3 - Hair/Nail and Oral Testing Panels Price List
Lot 4 - Field Testing Supplies
Lot 5 - Criminal Background Screening Price List
Lot 6 - Training Price List
Miscellaneous Price List
Contractor's Responsibilities
Contact: AOS Client Services
Phone#: 864-990-3696
Email: clientservices@applya.com
Contact: AOS Supplies
Phone#: 864-990-3696
Email: aossupplies@applya.com
Contact: Direct Team Email for Drug & Alcohol Testing
Phone#: 864-990-3696
Email: clientservices@applya.com
Contact: Chuck Burgess Account Manager
Phone#: 864-990-3692
Email: cburgess@applya.com
Contact: Background Screening Support
Email: backgroundscreeningsupport@applya.com